We asked for feedback after introducing our new format last year, and here is what we heard back.

Regarding cleanliness:

Very clean, we appreciated the 3 washroom areas as well as wash stations.

Fully stocked with towels, toilet paper etc. Did a very good job.

Hands down to all the staff!

Appreciate hand washing stations

Great job

Well done.

Your family did a great job keeping things cleaned and sanitized!

Everything was clean and great.

Thank you for having hand washing stations and for wiping the pony station down every time a toddler took a ride and for cleaning the handle to the goats pen in the barn by the parking lot.

Always very clean and well kept

I work in ag so I visit around 70 different farms a year. This seemed fairly clean to me.

My only concern is the barn that holds the baby chicks, it’s kind of a disaster!

Bathrooms clean. Awesome

I was impressed that you were wiping down the saddle handle as well as wiping down the edges of the tables with the chicks, etc.

Everything was really clean.

With all the hand washing stations available I felt quite comfortable.

Loved the clean towel system

Your very clean

Many different hands touching the chicks and rabbits, workers should be at each doorway making sure people are using sanitizer before and after

Bathrooms were clean and there were always clean dry towels for drying out hands.

More than enough hand washing stations. All were located in close proximity to all areas. Appreciated seeing employees wiping down the chick enclosures through out the number of times we attended this area.

The hand wash stations were great!

Bathrooms were clean and nicely built/designed.

We LOVED the towel system for hand washing! Way to go!

Overall good except the first barn was very messy

Farm was very clean and lots of places to wash hands was great

Fantastic new flush toilets & hand washing stations!!!

Well done

Was satistified

I saw regular sanitizing and thought it looked good with today’s guidelines.

Toilets were nice and clean. Really liked the hand wash stations and clean towels.

Bathrooms were clean and eating areas were well kept

Really liked the hand washing station setup

The picnic area in the barn was a bit dirty, cats jumping on tables

Some places couldve been weed wacked

Was great! Hand washing station was perfect !

It was as clean as a farm can be! :)

So clean. I was very impressed

I loved all the washing stations. It was set up really well.

I think it's great you had reusable towels for drying hands, so much more environmentally friendly!

Bathroom and washing stations were clean and easy to access with multiple sites.

Everything looked good.

I loved the sustainability with the towels for drying hands. Lots of places to wash hands and didn’t feel too busy.

It’s a farm, can’t exactly disinfect the animals....many hand washing stations available!

The animal cages were clean and well kept. Everything was fresh for them, hay, water, etc

More cleaning of bathroom. Also there were no hand towels to dry each time I went to wash my hands and no hand sanitizer anywhere.

Its a farm, not really sure how clean we expected it lol.

We found the farm very clean, and I liked the use of towels instead of paper towels at the hand washing stations to reduce waste.

Everything was great

The wash stations and toilets were great! Very clean.

Old vehicles and parts were a concern


Many washing stations everywhere, very reassuring.

Looked great!

The bathrooms were very clean

I would have liked to have seen more handwashing stations and also hand sanitizer avaliable to use.

Very impressed!

It was great!

There was a lot of poo and found some when I got to the mall. It was on my shoe. But you can only clean up so much so often

Hand sanitizer (For before and after touching the animals) at each of the barns and locations could have been provided.

It was clean and well maintained.

Thank you for having the hand washing stations available. And having the clean drying cloths was great to limit the amount of waste that paper towels would have made!

No smell in the bathrooms at all - amazing! :)

Everywhere we went everything was super clean. No garbage around. Lots of recycling bins. Wash stations were awesome and I loved the dry towels available that could be used be scrubbing kids hands and faces and also for drying.

I think its extremely well kept...after all it is a farm with farm animals!!!

can be more clean where kittens, hens and pigs were kept.

Farm is very neat and clean
Specially washroom is very clean

While we were there we saw some surfaces being wiped down. There are very few surfaces that actually need to be wiped down so we weren't concerned.

Having the washrooms, hand washing areas and even towels to dry hands was much appreciated

Washroom by far parking lot was a little iffy. Love the idea about the little towels.

It would be awesome if a hand washing station could be closer to the main barn areas. We may have missed them if there is already one! But it wasn't a big deal at all!

Multiple washroom and hand washing stations was great.

We liked the clean towels to dry our hands

Really appreciated the cleanliness of the bathrooms and soap in back

I liked the fresh cloths that could be used at the hand washing stations

Appreciated the hand washing stations throughout.

possibly offer an extra hand washing station

Perhaps a few sanitizer bottles placed around. Otherwise no complaints :)

The farm was impeccably clean


"Love that you added a wash station and that they are easily accessible throughout the farm. The reusable drying towels are wonderful/brilliant! Zero waste!"

"Did we see any poop even?

Not sure, don’t think you could possibly keep a farm any cleaner!"

"I thought for a farm it was very clean and I regularly saw sanitization of high traffic areas. Also the bathrooms were very clean."

Regarding "did we meet your expectations?":

The guy doing the goat milking was very informative.

Great extras. Pony rides were wonderful, it was nice to see sanitation of the saddle between riders.

Exceeded our expectations, we will come back for sure! We already signed up again

We love your farm! My girls especially love holding kittens, bunnies and chicks. They wait all year to come back.

We really enjoyed the farm! Our girls loved being able to interact with all the animals( not just look) my older daughter (12) expected to be bored but she really enjoyed it! Loved all the hand washing stations with the real towels ( my daughters stable does that as well) I personally love that there are no other costs once you arrive. The opportunity to buy fresh eggs was very nice though! Thank you for inviting us to your farm, it was a lovely experience!!

Great job

Your farm is a yearly highlight for our family! Your children are all so respectful and polite. I love that they take the time to show the kids how to properly hold and touch the animals. Also love that someone is always close by if we have a question. I can not recommend your farm enough to all my friends and family!! Keep up the amazing work!

We had a wonderful time and we will definitely be back 🙂

We had a great time! love the animals and all the babies! The pony rides, sheep shearing, goat milking and hay ride were bit hits! Nice to have picnic tables for our picnic. What a great farm! I would absolutely recommend your farm to friends wanting to do something interesting with their kids!

We love our visit every year!

The staff always answers any questions we have. We have visited your farm 3 to 4 times every year for the past 3 years and always have a fantastic time

We missed the cow talk/ feed this year. Are they in a different pasture in June? It doesn’t take away from the farm visit, maybe would have been nice if the driver had mentioned it was a leisurely hay ride instead of the cow visit so we weren’t waiting the whole ride for it.

We had a fabulous time!

I was pleasantly surprised how the staff interacted with my kids it was great

My kids absolutely loved it - as always.

Really miss the guided tours and the history of the farm

Loved it.

We've been visiting for a few years now and you always meet or exceed our expectations - thank you for opening your farm to us!

We usually visit your farm once or twice a year and we always enjoy our visit.

Possibly some info on the hayride about the cows would have been interesting. We had a lovely day!

Exceeded! Loved it so so much!

We enjoy coming here every year, whether with Nursery School or Family Days. It’s so relaxed and all staff enjoy answering questions. My 5 year old says it felt like his birthday today since it was so special. Ha ha! It’s his favourite place. Thank you for opening.

As always, the staff was super friendly and helpful.

It would have been nice to have the option to actually have someone to talk to about the different animal however we appreciate the staff taking the time at the shearing, milking and pony rides to answer our questions.

We try to come at least once a year. Thank you for sharing your world with us. We love the opportunity to cuddle a few babies and today was so exciting to see the brand new lambs born while we were visiting.

We had a beautiful time, it was even more fur then we have come in the last 7 years with large groups due to the ability to move about as we wanted and go back to stations the kids ( and adults) loved

Our boys had a wonderful time. We will definitely come back.

Every single thing there was absolutely amazing and wonderful.

Not over crowded allows opportunity to hold the baby animals. Lots of animals to see and I like that they were spread out throughout the farm oppose to before (eg. Baby chicks and bunnies) were in one barn.

Amazing experience as always! You guys are doing a great job!

Educational and everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. Lots to see and loved the amount of hands on opportunities.

I was very pleased with your efforts at social distancing and the number of hand wash stations. We love coming here every year!

Would love to see ducklings!

I’ve been there With my son every summer for 4 years and am continually impressed by how your family manags these busy farm days. I’m excited to bring my friends and family to your place to share the experience with them and everyone is always very happy with their time there!

I was very pleased with your efforts at social distancing and the number of hand wash stations. We love coming here every year!

It would be cool to see the fast sheep shearing with the clippers!

We loved the baby goats and kittens!

My kids had a great time! They loved the babies and especially the kittens.

Our children loved their time spent at your farm.

Always a great time! Well organized with guided activities repeating frequently and friendly staff/family members at all locations. Did not have to wait to do them. Also having animals in the metal barn/quonset was a great way to stay distanced and sheltered.

The kittens walking around the farm were lovely greeters.

We missed the sheep shearing but were able to milk a goat. Had wonderful time

Loved seeing all of your kids helping and looking after the youngest :) They are always so kind and welcoming when we greet them. They are doing a great job!

I had an 8 yr. old boy and a 10 year old boy with me who have had little experience with farms and animals. They both had a positive experience.

My 6 y/o daughter loved her visit! She hasn’t had a lot of exposure of animals, and the animals she touched/met were perfect (docile, small, soft). Thank you for a fun experience!

We had a lovely morning! It was relaxing and fun time with our children seeing the animals. Thank you!

The farm is always lovely to visit

I absolutely love coming to your farm both as a teacher and with my family. I love how the nothing is off limits in terms of petting the animals, but of course there are rules which are enforced in a kind way. I have visited other farms around Winnipeg and none compare.

Enjoyed the shearing and milking. All staff were pleasant and helpful.

It was well organized, the staff was very helpful and friendly.

We loved it! There was plenty to see and do. Your farm is lovely and so inviting. Thank you for the experience!

Surpassed my expectations.

Everyone was great and my son got to pet a pig, he was thrilled about this!

Could be signs and not just a map. Might be easier.

Staff was very helpful.

We always enjoy our visit each year! Thank you so much!

Very impressed, had an incredible time

It was great, we absolutely loved every minute. Our son did not want to leave!

It was great!!!

This is an annual outing for our kids so we were very happy that it was open and safe.

Wish the hay ride could have been a bit longer, and there were no cows to see this time

The farm always exceeds my expectations. We enjoy that it is so hands on and enjoyed that it wasn’t so crowded.

We had an excellent time and can't wait to visit again!

You could do everything on the farm in a timely manner. 10 mins in the hayloft, shorter pony rides...it gives everybody an opportunity to explore without waiting too long and having the kids get bored.

We were really impressed with how well organized everything was. It was a perfect day and our two year old had so much fun!

It would have been ideal to know what time the sheep shearing, goat milking, etc. were at.

Really liked the educational component of milking the goat and shearing the sheep.

The man at the sheep shearing and goat milking was great! Very knowledgeable and kept everyone entertained

We love your farm!!

We all loved our visit!

Our three girls, age 3, 5, and 7 years all really enjoyed their morning at the farm. All the staff were friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed but orderly. Thanks for a great family outing.

Everything was awesome for the price!

We love the hands on experience that you allow. The young man who did the goat milking and sheep sheering demonstration did a great job. All of your children are very friendly and the entire family is very welcoming.

Our family loved our visit and feel that we’d love to visit again as my girls had a wonderful time. We felt it was a relaxed atmosphere with lots of hands on opportunity

Kids had a great time! They loved the kittens and the chicks!

We were happy with all provided

We have been coming to the farm for the last 6 years and it felt so nice to have something that seemed so “normal” during this stressful time. This year was the best yet.

Kids really enjoyed interacting with all of the animals

Make it bigger! Kids would have spent all day there if they could!

It was awesome! We will be back. Toddler loved it.

I just missed seeing dogs, my baby love them

It never disappoints!

Farm staff were very friendly and happily answered any questions asked. We had a great time and so did our 3 year old. Your farm is a welcoming and relaxing place :) thank you!

For the most part. I found the tractor ride very short. When I've been before we would go out to see the cows and they would give us some information about the cows. This time around we went to see the sheep but nothing was said of them.

IT WAS AWESOME!!! We had such a great time!!!

We found everything that was described on the webpage.

I really enjoyed the hands on learning how to milk a goat and watching a sheep shearing.

We would love to visit in August though your closed :(

Fabulous experience and the staff were all so helpful and always answered questions or shared information.

Perfect visit for my two preschoolers!

U by far exceed any farm experience that any other farm has to offer in our province and that's why I rave about u to others and bring my classroom for field trips regardless of the drive.

I have come with my daycare for many years but never a family day. It was everything I expected at a much calmer pace. Love your farm and will recommend to anyone!

We’ve been coming for a few years and I see improvements! The new wash stations are perfect! As always, your family members were the perfect hosts.

Everyone was friendly and informative

Maybe in each area, have the keeper say something. Like something about the nature of kittens, or chicks, bunnies, etc

My daughter loved the farm. She wanted to do it all again! We will be back next year!

It was great :)

My both daughters and I had a great time. They loved the cow tunnel, tractor ride, ponies. My 2 year old is till talking about the animals.

It was more than we could have imagined, we had a amazing day. We don't venture out much and this was so needed and perfect.

We had an awesome time!! Thanks so much

My kids had fun! Everyone in the farm is friendly and is trying their best to make the best experience.

Enjoy the day meeting up with farn animal's

We had an awesome time!! Thanks so much

Everything was wonderful! An entertaining and educational day at the farm. Lots of handwashing stations and plenty of spots to have a picnic lunch. Everyone was warm and friendly and my daughter can’t stop talking about it. We hope to visit again next month!

on tours you get more. We were self guided

Washrooms were really clean with lots of soap and water. Thanks!

Wildly exceeded my expectations, we had so much fun!! There was actually so many animals, and everything was within a great walking distance, and I was by myself with a 1.5 and 3 year old and not once did I feel stressed out! Everything was easy breezy- no one rushed anything, it seemed like there must be a lot of people but it really didn’t feel like it. Everyone was great, and the kids were so busy, and so free to do whatever they wanted basically (no people pileups, lots of space, very few ‘lineups’, so there were virtually no meltdowns. Fantastic day.

It was a superb hands-on experience especially to my kids.

your farm was amazing, the animals were adorable and friendly, my kids are in love. You and your staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you for sharing your farm with us xx

We are a family big on farms and yours is beautiful. We even considered requesting to take professional family photos on your gorgeous property

The kids (and adults!) had a great time and were excited to be able to try and see new things. The kids didn’t want to leave!

A lovely time! Thank you! All your kids are very courteous and gracious.
Our grandkids wondered where the turkey and puppies from a previous visit were. :)

The Farm was awesome!!!! I can not express enough how awesome it was. Lots of hands on experiences for the kids, beautiful cats and kittens for the kids to pet and pick up. Lots of baby chicks to learn about. Lots of chickens and roosters running around. The hayride was great and lots to see along the River. The pony rides were great. The large animal barn was great but it would have been even greater if there were piglets too. Plus we were hoping to see/touch baby cows, but certainly still had a blast even though there weren’t any. The pony rides were super fun for the kids. The picnic tables were an awesome touch for finishing the day with the family. Overall experience was a 10/10. Highly recommended it to others!!!

A wondrous experience as always

I am very glad you did not have puppies.... the urge would have been too much hee hee

Thank you! My daughter had a lovely little birthday party! It might be worth while for your business to create a party rate and package for marketing purposes. It was such a fun morning!

It was a great experience!!

It was good. staff was so humble and polite.

My kids asked me we r going one more time there they like it
They said we r not going anywhere else jut liked farm😊

We have been almost every year for 10 years so we know what to expect and always love our visits :-)

Being able to have hands on with the animals in such a relaxed atmosphere was very enjoyable for both adults and children.

Just enough to do for a 4 3/4 year old

We had a great time ! The goat milking and sheep shearing were a nice touch. We felt very welcomed to your farm thanks for having us, we will be back again for sure!

Exceeded my expectations!

Excellent experience!

What a wonderful day, you can tell how hard everyone works and your entire family was so kind!

My kids loved it. The animals were so gentle and patient!

We loved our visit! We'll recommend your farm and come back next year for sure. Thanks!!

We really out visit. There was much to see and do. Thank you.

We love our annual visit to your farm! We will be back next year!

We enjoyed our time at your farm very much!

The goat milking and sheep shearing was really cool!

We always enjoy the tracker ride!

Wide variety of activities and things to see. Good value for the price.

Lots of interactive things for the kids - maybe some more talks with some of the workers would have been interesting (learnt a bit at the sheep shearing / goat milking) would have been cool.

It was awesome, I loved that we were able to touch the animals. And everyone working was so great making sure we were experiencing it all

We had a great time today! Thank you!!

Very great experience for our kids and family

We had an absolutely lovely day!

We didnt see the area where you could bottle feed calf like showed in pictures on website.

Lots of kittens are always a hit. The signage was cute. Chick station was great. Love the farm.

A young man told us fun facts about the pigs in the big barn when he was giving them more water. It would be nice if others did this as well.

Lovely spot for the entire family. We will be back

Always a great time. Great experiences with the animals

Lots of kittens are always a hit. The signage was cute. Chick station was great. Love the farm.

In years I have come before, there use to be someone on the hay ride that would talk about the history of your farm, would love to see that again

We really out visit. There was much to see and do. Thank you.

"I love that they take the time to show the kids how to properly hold and touch the animals. Also love that someone is always close by if we have a question."

"It was a relaxing and fun time with our children seeing the animals."

"We especially appreciated the relaxed format where we could go at our own pace and spend as long as we wanted at all the hands-on activities."

"Wildly exceeded my expectations, we had so much fun!! There was actually so many animals, and everything was within a great walking distance."

"...plenty of spots to

have a picnic lunch..."