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Spring Babies

Spring might be late, but that doesn’t mean the baby animals come any later than normal! First to arrive were the puppies; our mother dog, Rosie, decided to have them right beside the milking stand in the barn. That was okay, none of the goats had had their kids yet, so we didn’t need to do any milking.

Not for long, though. The next thing we knew, one of the goats, Bess, had had her two kids; one black, one white. We named them Salt and Pepper. (Surprise!) Not long after, her daughter Mustard had a kid, he was white and had long ears.

All the baby animals are eager to get outside and play, but this year we need children to keep them out of puddles and snowdrifts, not something we have to deal with every year!

A late spring does mean the maple syrup comes late though, so we were excited to have fresh syrup on our pancakes this morning for the first time this year.

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