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We are booking 2024 field trips now.
To book a group on a farm day, email
This page is for our guided program for bussed groups, visit our "Friday" page for groups arriving in cars.

Field Trips in 2024

What always stays the same:


We offer a unique experience on a working farm (that produces food for our family) where students can pick up, hold or touch all of the animals, as well as hear from the farmers who care for the animals every day.

What it will be like this year:


Your group will stay together and be guided around the farm activities.

Each teacher will receive full instructions ahead of the visit, as well as a teacher package

This page is for groups arriving by bus.

We have reserved time for family-based field trips.  Head over to this page.

Find Out More



$11 per person

(students and all adults)

Bus discount of

1 free adult

per 10 students.



Visit 10 stations with lots of animals to hold and hands-on farm fun.

See descriptions:

We have a teacher- friendly schedule that is fully guided.

Read more about planning your day.

We promise to quickly to get all your questions answered and your date reserved.

No fuss.


Find out about accessibility, lunch areas, washing, rain plan and more.

Time to 







Ready to Book?

How to book:


Send an email with your school name, grades, # of students attending and preferred dates to Danea

and you'll hear back from us right away.

When to book:

We take bookings anytime.  Booking in fall helps you get a bus on your preferred date.

We often get full for May/June in April and for July in May, so the sooner, the better.



"We had the best experience today. The children were engaged from start to finish and they really enjoyed being able to move and explore all your wonderful farm had to offer. The set up is so thoughtful and really honours the students’ needs to be active as they are learning."

—  Kindergarten teacher, Winnipeg School Division

What You'll Experience

IMG_3578_edited small_edited.jpg
Three places to get right inside a pen and snuggle the kids.

Baby Goats

Head out to the pasture to see cows and sheep riding on the haywagon.
(about 1/2 hour)


BD6A2622 (1)_edited.jpg
Watch the big sow in her muddy pen and see how she keeps it organized.

The Pig Pen

Pet the big horses and feed them grass from your flat hand.

Big Horses

Cuddle farm kittens in the hayloft.


Wild Turkey
Watch the male turkey strut, gobble and change the shape and colour of his head.


Every visit will be hosted by farmers who live and work here.

Meet our Family

Several places to pick up chicks less than a week old.

Located in the quonset.

Baby Chicks

Watch a farmer milk, answer questions and then help each person succeed at milking.

Milk a Goat

Pet a little calf with it's soft coat, wet nose and long rough tongue.

Little Calves

See the ewes and lambs out in the pasture.

Sheep Flock

Find out about where eggs come from and which ones become baby chicks.


Walk through the cattle chute in the shape of a big letter 'S'.

Cattle Chute

newspaper archive feedlot pic.png
Follow the cowprints to find out all about the history of the farm and the beef industry.

Farm History

Enjoy playing on the prairie in the sandbox, balls and hoops.


There are always piglets of one size or another to hear grunting and squealing.


Roosters and hens move around the farm and scratch the ground.


fence boy (1).jpg
You can see the mother goats, who spend the day grazing and climbing.


bunny feet.jpg
See little rabbits at different ages and hold the ones just right to fit in your arms.

Baby Bunnies

BD6A4246 (2)light small.jpg
Take a ride on one of our gentle ponies.

Pony Rides

heath shearing.jpg
See the sheep being sheared and ask the farmer questions about the wool.  Take home a piece of it, too!

Sheep Shearing

Activity Guarantee

We expect to provide each of the above activities on every visit.

We expect to also offer a few other options

If, due to unexpected circumstances, one of the core activities will not be available,

we will notify you and offer an alternative. 

Planning Your Day


Each school will start the day with a guided introduction and a starting point for the group to enjoy together.  You will be guided as a group through half of the farm in the morning, then given a scheduled lunch break, followed by the other half of the farm in the afternoon. 


We are flexible for starting and ending times as bus schedules demand it, but the usual tour starts around 10:00, the lunch break is normally from 11:45 - 12:15, and we often wrap up by 1:30 with time to wash, visit the bathroom and play at the playground before 2:00.


We will be offering significant guidance before the field trip, along with advance material to prep your students and volunteers to get the most out of your farm adventure.

All of your favorite activities will be offered, including pony rides, hayrides, sheep shearing, goat milking, and all the baby animals.  There will be staff giving instruction, telling stories and supervising all the animal handling stations.  All stations with animals that can be picked up will be staffed to help children succeed, however each group is responsible to supervise their children.


Each morning/afternoon circuit has one self-guided portion.


We still recommend a minimum ratio of 1 adult per 5 students. 

Calendar and Pricing


This year, we are booking bussed groups on Wednesdays and Thursdays only, as well as Tuesdays in June.

July groups will be hosted Wednesdays and Fridays.

Admission is $11 per person for students and adults,

with a discount of 1 free adult per 10 students for bussed groups.  This price includes GST.

All payments will be made by invoice after the field trip.




Lots of indoor activities make your visit fun no matter what the weather.


Level grass and gravel walkways and an accessible washroom stall with a large change table

are available.

Six flush toilet stalls, running water for handwashing and bottle filling water taps with drinking water for your use.

Picnic tables are provided with a sheltered alternate area for weather.

There is no smoking anywhere on the property so plan to walk out to the road if you need to smoke.




teacher pkg

The Teacher Package

All teachers that have booked a field trip date will receive a package of materials ahead of their visit.

The package will include: a detailed map, recommendations for setting up your group schedule, instructions for small group leaders, pointers on helping kids observe and ask good questions, and some fun farm learning resources.

Youtube video clips image.png

Have more questions?
Call or email Danea


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