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We asked for feedback from every visitor, and here is what we heard back.

We had 1001 responses, and copied below are the responses with comments.

(negative comments are in bold)

Don't forget, this was the height of covid!

"Love that you added a wash station and that they are easily accessible throughout the farm. The reusable drying towels are wonderful/brilliant! Zero waste!"

Love the towels by the hand washing station - I love that there was no waste!

As clean as can be for the true farm experience.

Very clean and well organized!

It was awesome

Above and beyond. Liked the hand wash stations everywhere

Very clean!!

Liked the cloth hand towels. The picnic area was cute.

We thought a garbage bin at the wagon loading dock would be a good idea

Felt very good about the wash stations, loved the towels. Was pleasantly surprised with the flush toilets.

I was very impressed with the bathrooms

Hand washing and bathrooms were available 👍.

Very clean

Washrooms were super clean..!!

enclosures ++clean

Very clean. No complaints.

Wow! You did so much work to the farm since last year! It was so organized and clean. I love the fresh towels and no waste.

Cleaner than my house!!! Lol

The poop piles on the hayride were a source of excitement for my son. He made sure to point out each one. Hahaha.

Such great improvements from last year. You’ve worked hard!

Was impressed with 3 hand wash stations. As well as great signage

Very impressed with how clean and organized everything was

Above and beyond expectations for cleanliness on a farm! Although there was one egg out of place in the goat pen ;-)

Appreciated that there were washrooms and handwashing stations located throughout. Fantastic job!

The hand washing stations are great!

No complaints it’s a farm after all!

Everything was so clean and welcoming

Bathrooms were spotless! I was honestly really surprised! I also love that you have cloth 'towels' instead of paper products.

Personnel were constantly cleaning to make everything better for everyone

Very well kept!

The farm is a nice place, all the areas to walk were clean and not muddy so that was great. All of the pens were kept quite clean and nothing smelled so that was also quite good. Especially after a few days of rain. I would only make the suggestion of cleaning up some of the old equipment in the yard and in the field on the hay ride.


Very clean. Nice hand wash stations.

Very clean

Washing stations were good ! Clean, we were not stepping all over poop!

The bathrooms were very clean. We all love the handwashing stations!

Right down to the well maintained bathrooms and washing area

Your farm is exceptionally clean. Was super impressed as i usually have a sensitive nose but I didn’t smell a thing except for fresh air!

It was SO clean we were very impressed

Everything was super clean.

Everything was clean including bathrooms. Having the towels is so much better than paper towels.

Sanitizer, soap, water, appreciated it all!

It was clean.

Great job

It's a farm. You do great.

Cleaner than expected at a farm!

The washroom facilities were very clean.

Everything was perfect

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a farm with such little poop!! And zero garbage anywhere! 

Happy with the bathrooms and wash stations! 

You guys are amazing!

Beautifully clean farm!!!! Lovely surroundings and welcoming!

There were hand washing stations and washrooms available all over. 

Unfortunate that people threw their juice boxes to the ground, right beside the recycling bin by the hay ride. Like really? Come on people pick up after yourselves!


Extremely clean! I saw Mr Farmer grab a shovel to clean some poop but I hadn’t even noticed that the goat had pooped and he was already on it!

The bathrooms were so clean and much appreciated with little kids!


Maybe restock hand washing soap more frequently. 😊

All the animals and barns were very clean!!

The provided water and soap as great! Always nice to have a nice wash instead of just layer after layer of sanitizer.

Paths for guests as well as homes for animals were very clean as were the washrooms. Spotless!

The bathroom was clean.

wish there were more sanitizer stations esp after touching animals (horses, miking goat)

It is obvious that you all care an immense amount for your animals and the farm as a whole. We were very impressed by how well kept every aspect of your farm was given the shear size of it.

We noticed more washroom and hand washing stations, great improvement.

Very clean

The hay was clean and the animals clean despite the mud

Plenty of hand washing/sanitizer stations available as well as garbage and recycling bins

Again, as clean as an outdoor facility with animals can be.

All the areas we visited were clean.

No concerns at all! Everything was clean, hand wash stations well stocked and no litter anywhere.

The farm was super clean!

The addition of the hand washing stations was awesome!

Washrooms great. Hand towels nice touch.

Everything clean, a lot of handwashing stations with Reusable towels (loved it!!!)

Perfectly clean!

I really thought the hand washing stations were excellent and particularly liked the little towels. Thanks for going reusable :)

Lots of sanitization if you needed and the hand washing station was super cute and kids loved it!

The animal beds were nice and clean

Everything was clean

I was impressed to see a young gentleman pick up a stone in the grass knowing the mower wouldn’t like it.

The first barn has a really strong urine smell which I'm sure is normal but it just seemed extra scenty this time.

I did look for a garbage barrel once and didn’t see any. I could have missed it. Brought my garbage home.

Very clean.

Everything was very clean and spaced out with lots of hand wash stations available.

Everything was great!

The handwashing stations were much appreciated.

It’s a farm…cleanliness is almost unnecessary! But the washrooms etc were perfect!

Cleanliness was excellent

Hand washing stations and bathrooms were VERY clean, attractive, easy to find, and helped us feel at ease.

Love the hand wash stations

Very impressed

No concerns

Everything was clearly marked (wash stations and clean cloths for drying)

Super organized, felt comfortable everywhere and lots of handwashing stations available

Was impressed at how exceptionally clean the bathrooms were.

Bathrooms are spotless!! How do you do it all? I’m blown away!

The pigs pen was disgusting.

Super clean washrooms. Washing stations readily available.

Very clean washrooms!! Thank you!!

I loved the hand washing stations!

The washrooms were super clean! Kudos to the family!

Very clean washrooms!! Thank you!!

Very clean and well maintained

It was very nice to be able to wash our hands with soap & water. Thank you!

Very clean and well maintained

Loved the number of washrooms and handwash stations. Wasn't too much poop to step around:)

Everything was super clean!

Very clean, even the washrooms!

It’s a farm with animals….found it very clean. Hand wash stations! Keep up the great work!

I find it clean and organize but I just dont like the towels at handwashing area, people touch them so i recommend maybe paper towel that hang on the side will be more safe .just a thought.


It was very clean on the entire grounds; very nice. I appreciated the recycling option for waste collection and the numerous handwashing stations.

Super clean. I was impressed.

Very clean and lots of places to wash your hands.

Wash stations everywhere! Washrooms tidy. Over all a fantastic experience. Great job morning sound farm!

Absolutely perfect!

Very clean! There are plenty of bathrooms and hand wash stations. Very well set up!

Very clean!

Very happy

There was a lot of poop.

Great job!

Farm is clean and everything is set up so well!

I tripped on bathroom blocks by caddle run. Would suggest possible steps

Was very clean! Bathrooms were great!

It’s a farm with animals….found it very clean. Hand wash stations! Keep up the great work!

Always very clean.

Really like how the animals are spaced out throughout the property.

Very well maintained, have already recommended to friends:)

We thought the areas we went were clean. Not too many droppings to avoid:)

It was on point

Everything was clean, especially the bathrooms.

Air ventilation is a bit limited in pig barn

i think it was great - i grew up having our summers at my grandparents working farm and yours is waaaay cleaner lol . I LOVE the smells of the farm. Please don't have it too clean! lol

I was very impressed with the washroom facilities. Pig barn was a bit stinky's a farm and a pig barn! We loved the momma pig with her little piglets outside!!

Its a farm not a restaurant kitchen. Its very organized & clean. Seriously who are these people complaining???

We thought it was very clean and tidy

Thought it was very clean

Everything felt very clean, even the bathrooms.

I liked the sustainability of the hand wash station. It’s a lot of work to maintain washing cloth towels but it’s great you do.

spotless. very clean tidy and kept. this is our 5th visit . from the picnic are to the tractor ride and the bathrooms everything was very clean and accessible

Everything was very clean and well maintained. The hand washing tables were a clever idea.

Thank you for the hand washing drying cloths

No issues with cleanliness- I like that clean towels were provided to dry your hands.

Great work on the farm. It looks awesome.

Everywhere we were things were neat and tidy or someone was working on it

Small Barn could have been better. But still understandable as animals are hard to maintain.

I was impressed how clean all of the barns were esp the one with the smaller animals.

The bathrooms ect were fantastic great work

I was pleasantly surprised with his clean and accessible washrooms and wash stations were

No concerns with cleanliness.

It was very well kept for a farm with animals who poo where they want to. Lol

Very satisfied with the washrooms and what great hand washing stations. It was great!

We were very happy with how clean everything was, including the bathrooms.

We appreciated the number of stations to wash/sanitize hands, especially having a little one there!

The hand washing stations, bathrooms and water refill station were very clean and great.

Thought it was all great. Bathroom were very clean when I used them

The hay bales for the hay ride were quite pokey but thats not really a cleanliness issue.

Seemed clean, not smelly which sometimes farms can be

No trash anywhere, plenty of opportunities to wash hands.

Very clean

The farm looks very well taken care of. Beautiful property.

Yes farm is clean and animals are also clean

Very nice.

I love how the bathrooms are clean and well maintained and you guys are very resourceful.

I was shocked to see so many animals roam free but yet be it so clean

Yes overall very clean but the garbage bin by the picnic tables was overflowing

Everything has always been clean and well kept at every visit

Loved the placement of hand washing stations.

Super clean....the ladies washroom was very clean!!

Being a wide open area where weather takes a toll, I felt it was as clean as it should/could be.

It is, after all, a farm! So as far as I am concerned it was as clean as could be! Bathrooms/hand washing stations were also in perfect order!

I thought it was very clean for a farm!

Those were the BEST outdoor bathrooms I’ve ever used

Very clean!

Loved the hand wash station

Maybe handwashing stations could be more prominent? Didn't wash my hands as much as I would have had I seen handwashing stations more easily. But this is a minor comment.

Very clean and organized!!

I was impressed by how clean it was

Barely any poop to worry about!

We really appreciate the handwashing stations

Great hand washing stations

It’s a farm I hope nobody is trying to tell you to keep it cleaner 🤨

Saw poop being cleaned up throughout the visit

Appears that pens had fresh bedding and staff were replacing water as needed. 

Very clean washroom facilities

Very clean bathrooms and washing stations.

Trashcans conveniently placed would've been nice.

It was very well thought out with hand washing station, a hose etc. Much appreciated touches

We had no poop on our shoes at the end!

I was actually really impressed by the bathrooms! Thank you for providing them and the actual sinks!

Very clean bathrooms- thank you!

I'm impressed that it was clean. Since it was farm I was really expecting lots of you know. But it was really clean. Great job guys!

Our grandchildren said they like the flush toilets. :)

We found things to be very clean

Loved that the washroom had flushable washrooms!!

Everything is clean and love the washing area, that’s awesome for us.

I found it didn't smell and never looked bad.

It was great. I was surprised with the bathroom. Thank you!

Really appreciated the clean towels. Good bathroom facilities.

Every time we come something is upgraded and improved! Looks great!

The farm was very clean and easy to navigate.

Was great

Even your bathrooms were spotless!

It exceeded my expectations!

I had expected animal dings and smells but the air was fresh and all the barns and animal shed was nice kept clean

The farm is clean

It was nice there is actual wash stations around and not just sanitizer

Loved your hand washing stations and the cloths to dry yourself. Thank you!

I saw someone cleaning poop while we we’re watching the sheep get sheared and overall I thought it was very clean

It was very clean and tidy! the washrooms included!

Nope, considering everything that wandered around, very clean.

It's a farm, haha. It was exactly how clean I'd expect a farm to be! :) if not better. You guys did a great job. I also LOVED all the clean washcloth for drying hands, etc! And all the recycling bins :)

clean and organized

The bathrooms and picnic area were very clean


The hand washing stations were awesome and well organized.

Perfect, bathrooms also very clean

I know equipment has to be moved regularly, and maybe you want to do that with the tires and stuff near the cows out in the pasture. I know you all work so hard all the time, and all that you do is so greatly appreciated.

More garbage cans would be nice.

Toilets are clean and organized!

Nice job

I appreciated the clean bathrooms with young kids in tow and several hand washing stations.

Great job, felt safe at every station

It is a working farm. Animals had fresh water and appeared healthy.

We LOVED the little individual towels for drying hands! Great hand washing station!

It was kept as clean as you can keep a farm clean

Cannot ask for more. Never been to a farm or public place that has lots of clean toilets (NOT porta potties) and hand washing areas. One of the first things we noticed and love.

"I thought for a farm it was very clean and I regularly saw sanitization of high traffic areas. Also the bathrooms were very clean."

"Did we see any poop even?

Not sure, don’t think you could possibly keep a farm any cleaner!"

Bathrooms were spotless! I was honestly really surprised! I also love that you have cloth 'towels' instead of paper products.

Cannot ask for more. Never been to a farm or public place that has lots of clean toilets (NOT porta potties) and hand washing areas. One of the first things we noticed and love.

Those were the BEST outdoor bathrooms I’ve ever used.


It was fun and interesting

We had such a great time - kids rated it 10/10

Loved the relaxed atmosphere and friendly staff. We already have another family day booked!

It was a great experience for us all.

All the staff were very friendly!

We loved every bit of the Morning Sound Farm experience. The hosts are warm and welcoming, and you can tell the animals are well taken care of. Thank you!

It was everything others had told us. Wonderful friendly staff. Plenty of space and animals - especially the babies. We were 2 grandparents, daughter and 2 grandchildren. All ages enjoyed our 3+ hours. Thank you.

Beyond our expectations

Thank you for having us

So much fun!

This was our 2nd visit to the farm and again, we had a fantastic time. The little one enjoyed getting to interact with the animals in an up close and personal way. (I think he cuddled every chick at least twice!) The farm family were visible, friendly, and open to answering any questions and offering to help. So pleased to get the opportunity for this experience during this Covid time. Thank you!

We love love love coming out to the farm. The kids look forward to it and we plan to return again this season. Your family is always so friendly!

Everyone was so friendly and helpful, and the grounds and washrooms were so clean. We appreciated the time slots.

We love coming to the farm. There is so much to do, see and hold. We had a great experience.

Our experience was exactly what we expected from a very well managed web page and email service

Loved the various activities and the spacing between each.

Exceeded my expectations. My kids were having fun from 10-2

I hoped the pony ride would be a little longer, but I understand we could have gone back for another ride. I also would’ve liked a little more guidance in the barn with the kittens/bunnies/chicks. I wasn’t sure if we were allowed to hold the animals or what the safest way to do so would be.


Friendly knowledgeable staff

It was all better than expected. I think I always have fun with my daughter and husband (if not more than them) when we visit your farm. You guys are great, friendly, everything is perfect. The best farm in Winnipeg. Just wish you were open for more time/months so we have more opportunities to go. I just love everything about you guys!❤️

We had a BLAST! All the staff were so helpful, kind and went above and beyond to make today a huge success.

++awesome, such a great menagerie

Surpassed my expectations. So many things to see and do! We all loved it!

Everything was well done and the kids loved the baby animals

I am so thankful to return every year for the past 6 years now. There is no farm like it. You allow for the optimal farm experience. People want hands on and that's what you give them. I really admire the family run environment. Your family is lovely.

We had a great day especially loved holding and interacting with the animals as well as the pony rides. Was a wonderful experience for the kids!

It could not have been a better day! Thank you for making it possible

Learning about the newly born lambs and seeing the umbilical cord still attached was one of the greatest educational experiences I’ve had with my son.

Very good

It was AWESOME!!! Thank you for the hospitality and the great experience.

My kids loved the chick, kitten and bunny barn.

Thank you for continuing to offer the shearing and milking. I had warned the kids we might not get to do that and they love it. They also loved the new chick barn.

Was the perfect day for my 3 year old!

My 7 year old enjoyed herself immensely, thanked me for taking her and asked if we could go again another day soon!

Your email notifications on restrictions, times, maps ect was above and beyond. Very professional and well done running the email informing portion. Was pleased to see that a business what keeping their clients or patrons Informed.

We were really glad to be able to get out somewhere, and thought you guys did an awesome job with safety precautions.

Would have liked the opportunity to hold animals

We're so pleased with our first ever visit. We all had a wonderful time and have recommended you to family and friends. We will definitely be coming back for another visit

Was a great mix of hands on education and fun!

This is the third year that we visited the farm, especially this year we were surprised by the organization of the space. My family always has pleasant experiences on the farm.

It exceeded my expectations!

Loved it all

The staff was very patient and friendly. They made our daughters day especially with the pony rides. They were never made to feel that they took too many rides or were being a nuisance. We are looking forward to another visit to your farm.

We will be back!! Your son (19yrs, I can't remember his name!) was incredibly sweet to our boys and made the effort to let us know when he was milking the goat or sheering the sheep to call us over so they could watch. He was funny and answered all of my children's questions in a caring way. We are so grateful for the experience.

Loved how hands on the kids can get

We had the best time! It was by far the best farm experience we’ve ever had!!

Everyone is friendly and helpful and we always enjoy our visits to the farm. Our children look forward to it and always have a great time.


Everything was great and we had a lot of fun. To be picky I would suggest having something more to look at during the hay ride. Have the herd of cattle closer or some native flowers or a garden or something along the way. The ride itself was nice. And like I said I'm just being nit picky.

we had a awesome morning and my girls both already want to go back!


We loved the opportunity to touch so many animals! Milking the goat and holding the kittens was my 2 and 4 year olds favourite parts. I wish we came earlier as there was so much to experience. They were mesmerized the entire time

Always exceeds my expectations for the best farm animal/petting zoo experience for my children and I. I have yet to visit another farm that has the same diversity of farm animals and allows its visitors to interact with them they way you guys do. Thank you for another wonderful experience.

Lots of animals out! My son had so much fun!

We had a great time, we really enjoy coming.

We loved the farm today! It is so great for little kids. My one year old loved it. We will be coming back all summer for more visits!

Second time visiting and we were just as pleased as the first. Appreciate all the efforts put in place during the restrictions to keep everyone safe and allow us to still be able to come for a day of fun- we all need it! Thank you for sharing your home and furry/feathery family with us!

Our kids are required to do a lot right now, and your farm has a wonderful, relaxed feel. Lots of space for us, and the freedom to come and go from animal to animal.

Way beyond what we expected with shearing and milking info


It was SO FUN and we are thinking of booking a second visit this spring so we can see the puppies playing.

We could have spent all day visiting with the animals and learning from the farm staff. The only suggestion I would have that I have seen work really well in a non Covid world, would be to have some play structures or sand boxes filled with corn kernels and tonka trucks for the kids to play with.


There are tons more ways for you to generate more revenue should you wish to without having the farm day experience feel overly commercialized or out of reach for the average family. Feel free to reach out if you want help with ideas.

We lived that we could hold and interact with the animals. It makes it so much fun for the kids and even the adults! Thank you for encouraging this!

exceeded expectations! Was a great family experience.

There was lots to see and do, very interactive with the animals, we had so much fun!

Thank you SO much for providing such a wonderful place for families. I’m so glad that you have remained open despite the restrictions as it felt like the first normal activity we’ve done in a long time. All of the staff was so friendly. We had a GREAT day. Thanks for all that you do.

Exceeded our expectations!

We always love visiting morning sound farm! Everyone is so friendly and informative. We will continue to visit for as long as it’s open!!

We had viewed the sheep shearing, goat milking and saw the baby piglets. Staff we friendly and informative

My expectations were exceeded! Was such a wonderful place. I want to come back. Workers were so nice too.

Went above my expectations!

This morning, despite the rain and wind, was exactly what our spirits needed!! The smile on my kids’ faces filled me up! We needed this adventure!!

Loved the variety of farm animals. We come every year and this was the best experience yet. The amount of people were perfect. No long waits for the pony rides. The amount of baby animals were perfect. We had a great hands on experience. Can’t wait to go back. Thank you for all your hard work.

Exceeded. My 7 and 10 year olds were over the moon.

This was our first time at the farm and it just so happened to be during covid-19. The spaces were all handled safely and had sanitizing stations with markers on where to stand. Thank you so much for the great afternoon.

It exceeds our expectations every time!

Thanks, we had a wonderful time.

My family and I really enjoyed ourselves at your farm. There is a wide variety of things to see and do. Every single one of the people working was friendly. The gentleman milking the goat and shearing the sheep really took the time to explain things. We had a really enjoyable experience. Thank you for having us on your farm!

The staff were very good with kids and informational. Very obvious the animals are handled often from birth as they were all very friendly

Thanks for a great day, all the farm staff were very friendly and helpful and answered all our kids questions. Thank you!

Such an amazing variety of farm animals. We loved all the babies, and the grown animals too! Loved to presentations on sheep shearing and all of our questions were answered after!

It was a wonderful experience and more hands on then expected. The kids had a great time!

We had lots of room for the kids to see the animals. They really enjoyed all the babies. It was very stress free afternoon. Thanks for keeping it going.

Everything was amazing!

As always, lots of fun! My 2 year old was thrilled with all the little animals and my 11 year old loved the kittens. It was nice having less people around to give us lots of opportunity to see the animals multiple times!

It was excellent experience

I loved the freedom to wander and do what we wanted

We had a wonderful time as always!

Everyone has always been so friendly when we have been there either as visitors or with a school group many times. We love coming to visit

Everyone we talked to was so helpful and was able to answer all my daughters questions!

Thanks for the sheep and goat explanations! Lots of answers to kids questions. Lovely lady in the barn helped the kids hold chicks the right way. Wonderful.

This farm is amazing! I love how you get to actually hold the animals; normally you’re just looking. My kids absolutely loved every part of it!

Thank you for providing such a valuable experience! We will be visiting again!

We had an awesome time! Our son is 20 months and loved your ponies and kittens. He loves to play with his toy horses at home. So this opportunity was super special for us. Thank you!

Will definitely be back! Our grandson loved that he could pick up some animals!

We are always impressed with your farm, we expect a good time and we have a great time!

Awesome day, thank you for making it work during covid. My son had so much fun.

It was a great time as always! We had a blast

Better than I expected.

We had a great time and I loved how friendly everyone was and that they encouraged for the kids to take part in activities.

I’m not super comfortable with picking animals up so in a couple spots it would have been nice to have staff help us interact but we did our best.

It was fantastic, kids loved it

Children loved seeing the animals and staff were very friendly and informative

Above and beyond my expectations. Very very good day.

It was fantastic, kids loved it

Children loved seeing the animals and staff were very friendly and informative

We've been coming every summer for 3 years and it's always been a delight.

You guys exceeded our expectations. It was the highlight of our year.

Although would’ve liked a bit more time milking the goat.

Love the signs saying how old animals are. The hayride was a beautiful way to see the river. Such a gorgeous property!

Seemed like a little fewer kittens than normal. But puppies was great addition. Ducklings were also a hit.

We didn't get to see the goat being milked. Everytime we looked over nothing was happening. We finally noticed it was being done and started walking that way, only to have them stop. It would be good to post a sign advising people when or how frequently the goat or cow milking will occur.

Lots to see!

It was better than expected. We feel that the shorter hayride was great because it allows more people to go/less lines and we can also do more things. Everything was great for us.

It was everything I had hoped for our visit and more!

My family loved this farm. So much to see and we all loved how interactive it was. It was great to see so many different animals and lots of space to explore.

Just want to say a BIG thank you for providing such a fun and educational day for our family! We all had a blast! We will definitely be back!

I think the time slots could be split into 3, when we arrived the farm was pretty busy but by the time we left around 11:45 it was almost empty and we almost had the whole space to ourselves.

The sheep shearing was so informative. We were invited twice to come and watch which was great interaction. Maybe having someone working and explaining about the animals at each barn would be a nice added touch.

Also our daughter (3) had her first pony ride which was very exciting but the young lady working with the pony didn’t communicate much at all and didn’t seem enthusiastic. Either was we still had a great first pony ride and appreciated the opportunity.

We enjoyed the freedom to look and interact with the animals the way we did at your farm. Didn't feel rushed. Deer meadow farms it is controlled more with time. The sheep shearing and goat milking was a unique experience as well. Keep up the good work!

The kids were so happy! Kittens, sheeps, little goats, pony rides, horses. So many animals!

We got to interact with a good variety of farm animals

We loved it, thanks so much!

I want to see some more animal.. If talk about education, maybe have a room to show video about this farm and education video.

Everything was excellent! We had a great time and felt you all navigated the restrictions perfectly! 100% safe and enjoyable experience.

Would have liked to see a bit more staff. It was our first visit and it would have been good to know if/which animals were safe to pet. Albeit, easy for me to say staff when the covid restrictions likely reduced incomes and ability to hire staff.

We came today because it was my daughters birthday and it was the perfect day. We had an amazing time and will definitely be back!


You guys are the absolute best. We have been visiting your family each year for almost 10 years now. We have watched your family grow along with ours and enjoy catching up with you all each year. We are thrilled you are able to operate during these crazy times. Summer wouldn’t be the same without some time at the farm 💚

Bless your beautiful family!

Great time as always

It was terrific. It was beyond what we thought it would be.

It was really nice to be able to see all the animals up close.

All the staff members were very friendly, we felt welcomed

My 5 yr old absolutely loved it & has been asking to return since we left!

fantastic hands on opportunities for the kids

We all had a great time !!

More then we could have hoped for! Love how open and hands on everything is

Our boys absolutely loved the animals - being able to gently handle them and pet all the cats roaming the property. We also enjoyed seeing all the farm equipment in the yard and talking to our kiddos about what the pieces were for.

It was even better then I thought. My pre schoolers had a blast. We stayed longer then I thought we would as my daughters were having so much fun.

Not sure how it was going to go as it was our first time, very impressed. We’ll be back.

Everything was good, it was a great fun visit.

We had so much fun learning and exploring. Grateful that you chose to stay open! There’s not too much to do nowadays so we are very thankful we had the opportunity to come out and spend the afternoon!


Beyond expectations.

I surprised my family and was not sure what to expect. You exceeded my expectations and the whole family had fun!

My kids LOVE the chicks, bunnies and baby kittens and puppies the best.

We’ve been a few times over the years and this year was just as wonderful as precovid. Organized and well run. Honestly I’m happy about less people there. It was quiet and so enjoyable

Would love to see the animals names / example: kids like to know what each horses name is

We had such a great visit! You have done such a great job at giving opportunities for everyone to have their own space and it wasn’t too busy to wait for our turns. Nicely spaced out amounts of people. Thanks so much! We can’t wait to come back!

It was good that there were people showing how to hold the animals and do the goat milking.

Your family is always so welcoming and kind. My family loves your farm.

It was wonderful and felt very safe and engaging.

It was all perfect!

Loved all the hands on animals. They were happy and relaxed

Would have loved to learn a little more about the daily work that is done on the farm.

Our children always have a lovely time at your farm. The staff is very friendly

Enjoyed learning about sheep shearing

Exceeded expectations!

Our daughter was looking forward to it all week, and the visit did not disappoint! She was was over the moon! Thank you for opening your farm to us city folk, it was such a great experience!! You brought so much joy to our family that day!

We always have the absolute best time at your farm! Thank you for the loveliest visit

No further comments on expectations, but everyone working was so nice! Thank you :)


We had a very enjoyable visit on June 11 for our daughters 7th Birthday outing. It was beautiful to watch her feed and pet the horses and the pony ride was a sure highlight! YOU MADE HER DAY VERY SPECIAL! Thank you! We will definitely be recommending your farm to others. You (Denae) also were very patient with me as we navigated the weather that morning and I appreciated your prompt replies and organized and timely communications leading up to our visit. This experience was BETTER THAN I EXPECTED because it was a raw, true and real working farm experience without the "controlled petting zoo style" of visit. Thank you for allowing us to have this experience! We will be back again when the time is right! Have a wonderful season! Thank you for being great hosts! 

Exceeded expectations

Would be nice to have more than one hay ride going if possible. Because of the restrictions for COVID there aren’t many groups able to go at once.

This is our second visit this year and we loved it both times.

The farm was absolutely amazing, it was so much fun. I had an absolute blast. I’m 25 and I am in love with animals, I’ve never been to an actual farm until today. I was in absolute heaven!!! Thank you so much to you and your family! It was truly a great day!

We had an amazing day, got to see a calf being born! Your family is so lovely, thank you for having us

Very educational. It surpassed our expectations.

Very much so. Our family loves this farm. It would be lovely if there was a bit more "education" for the kids in terms of what the animals eat and/or how they're cared for. Of course this is something we do on our own as an extension of learning for them but it's always more exciting when it comes right from the experts. :)

It was pretty much do your own thing, the sheep shearing was educational

Well, we got the amazing opportunity to see a calf being born!! On top of that, so many opportunities to hold cute animals and learn about shearing sheep and milking goats. The kids loved every minute!

More than I expected. Everyone is super friendly and helpful

Everyone was fabulous! We particularly enjoyed the sheep shearing and goat milking.

Exceeded my expectations. Very Friendly staff/family. The animals were so cute, our family loved it and had an amazing experience:). Will definitely return!

Would have loved to learn more about the history of the farm and how it came to be what it is today during our visit.

Exceeded expectations. So thankful that your family was able to keep the farm open so you could share it with other families like ours. Thank you for adjusting to the ever-changing restrictions. We felt safe and had the best day!

The hayride was ok but too dar from seeing the sheep and cows.

Amazing day. Watched calf being born. Wow.

Great approachable family-run staff

My daughters and I had an excellent time at your farm. They left saying they wish they lived on a farm and they loved animals. I think from that feedback, it’s clear you are doing something right! Thank you for sharing your farm with us. We will definitely be back.

Our 4 year old really enjoyed our visit - prior to arriving, she didn’t seem as excited

We had the most wonderful time!

Loved the goat milking. Sheep sheering. Hay ride and pony ride. Lots of variety of animals too.

There were a large variety of animals & we enjoyed being able to move around at our own pace.

Loved the family members explaining parts of the farm/animals

I was super impressed! There was so much to do/see, the staff were all super friendly, and the space was very clean (I don’t remember seeing any poop come to think of it, lol). We absolutely loved it!

Everything was perfect except we missed the kitten barn (it was closed).


Definitely met my expectations. Everyone we talked with was very friendly! My granddaughter already wants to go back...and we definitely will. Thank you so much!!!

Great job! My family loved the farm and will definitely recommend it to friends.

all of our expectations were met, met our daughter and grandaughter there a nice place to spend time outdoors together, with in public health guidelines.

Previous years on the hay ride you stopped and allowed guests to look at cows and let cows come closer. We miss this this year. Would have be great to stop for a few minutes to enjoy animals. Especially since you have now sheeps there.

You all did a great job, thanks! I loved that you had the same animals in multiple spots to space people out.

We had the most wonderful time!

We had such a nice visit, your family was so hospitable and made us feel welcomed. We enjoyed learning about the animals and life on the farm.

We wanted to touch goats, cows and sheeps in the barn

I would have loved a little more educational opportunity for the kids (I didn't say no to the education expectations question above, because I didn't book the tickets looking to teach my kids, I just wanted them to have a fun time, which they absolutely did).


The sheep shearing and the pony ride were the only times that farm personnel really spoke to us about the animals (We did not get to see goat milking, the station seemed to be unsupervised every time we went by. I imagine this would have been another very informative section). A lady did also come by when my daughter was holding a chick and gave some encouragement that she was holding it correctly, and gave some tips about holding the chick, which was nice.


Maybe some signs that I could read to my kids with facts about the animals would have been fun! (Or you could make the facts a printable like the map of the farm, and we could read the facts to our kids when we get to the right area!) Also, after the lady who helped us with the pony ride told my 3 year old daughter the pony's name (Nimbus), she really wanted to know all of the animals names!  Any of the above would just make an amazing experience even better. We had a wonderful time, would absolutely recommend to our friends, and would come again! My girls had the best time, you gave them the experience of a lifetime!

We all had an excellent time!

I enjoyed the teaching at the goat milking and sheep shearing demonstrations. The young man was obviously every well informed and showed his passion for the topics.

We had a great day especially loved holding and interacting with the animals as well as the pony rides. Was a wonderful experience for the kids!

This was just as good, if not better, than we had hoped. Our kids had a blast. Would definately come again.

Yes everything was wonderful!!

My 7 and 3 year old had an absolute blast.

Oh my! We will be back. Everyone was open to chatting with us about the animals we were admiring at the time. Everything was clean including bathrooms. It just blew us away. So thankful you are allowing kids to snuggle chicks and kittens and goats! Can’t wait to return


The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and had an answer for all the kids questions! We had a wonderful time. We were relaxed and enjoyed all the snuggles with the babies, especially the puppies!

We had a wonderful time. Loved that the kids could play with the animals and the relaxed atmosphere!

It’s fantastic. So appreciate the reasonable price and then allowing everyone to experience everything as many times as they would like.

Additional education on the farm and animals would be amazing.

Highly recommended

we were very happy to visit your farm. we will be happy to visit you again. Thank you

We had a great time! Everything was so organized and well run. Every station was very informative. Norah was a little shy and apprehensive at some but everyone made her feel so comfortable and very quickly she was exploring the things that made her nervous.

It was so much better than expected. The interaction with the animals is just awesome.

Workers were very good when asked questions or asked to assist young kids with milking goat, handling chicks, bunnies ect.

I was super impressed! There was so much to do/see, the staff were all super friendly, and the space was very clean (I don’t remember seeing any poop come to think of it, lol). We absolutely loved it!

We are happy to experience to get fresh milk from the goat its and awesome experience, plus we learn about the lamb coat that produces oil ,and etc. Its interesting, we just hope more to learn about the cow calf, horses, as well , you need to put more signs where the animals and maybe what about the animals.. for the kids to read and learn while they're petting and holding or carrying the animals.

5 yo really enjoyed milking the goat and watching the sheep being sheared!

Visiting your farm was BEYOND my expectations! My grandchildren were thrilled to hold the small fuzzy chicks, the pups and kittens. My grandson was so proud to ride a horse! The 3 of them - aged 22 months, 6 and 12 years - were all completely captivated with the many different activity areas that were provided. Thank-you very much for sharing your lovely space with us today. It was very memorable and we hope to visit again soon!

The farm visit was such a great opportunity to take our city grandkids to see farm animals up close. You do a wonderful job and your workers ( your kids I believe) are all so friendly and helpful. I’ve passed on the word to friends so I hope that gets you more business. It must be hard with Covid, as I’m sure you’ve missed many school visits.

We all had a great time. Thank you.

Above expectations

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and had an answer for all the kids questions! We had a wonderful time. We were relaxed and enjoyed all the snuggles with the babies, especially the puppies!

All was good we enjoyed a lot

We had the best time, my kids were just in awe and can’t stop talking about how they had the best day ever!

We had a blast! Thank you for letting us come spend a fun morning at your farm!

Amazing experience

Wonderful experience. We love coming here every year.

Great job!

Great place for the family! We enjoyed spending time on your farm. Huge thank you for such a great experience. Everyone was so nice and helpful. My daughter loved everything, and can't wait to go back:). Special THANK YOU to Phoebe - wonderful girl with beautiful smile... this is amazing how she was driving all visitors nonstop. We are definitely coming back...and I've already booked tickets for all family... Yay! See you soon!

Hayride did not see cows were in back field..but cant control that. It was a true farm expierence and all had nice time.

Nice variety of events

We’ve been twice this year so far and absolutely love it. The family are so friendly and always answer all of my animal questions.

The best farm we’ve visited! Thanks so much for having us!!

I liked that you could go in all the pens and pet all the animals

Kids loved the visit. Thanks!!

We love the farm so much. Such a wide variety of animals with lots of opportunities to hold and touch them.

Workers were very good when asked questions or asked to assist young kids with milking goat, handling chicks, bunnies ect.

Everyone was friendly and answered questions we had.

I love hearing little tidbits about the animals that I can share and explain to my young child. I would like to hear more and encourage your kids to share more of their knowledge as opposed to wait for questions. Sometimes we don’t know what to ask.

The staff were friendly and knowledgeable and had an answer for all the kids questions! We had a wonderful time. We were relaxed and enjoyed all the snuggles with the babies, especially the puppies!

Your family always does a fantastic job! We love speaking to all of you and listening to the great knowledge you guys have to share about your animals!

Amazing experience, love how hands on it is.

A gentleman shared some info about the animals.

Yes but just hoped to see more animals up close along the hay bale ride.

We had an amazing time! Our kids didn't want to leave, and have said about a million times since how much they want to come back. We will definitely be visiting again!

Was so much to do, loved that you didn’t have to pay for additional Hay rides… most places would charge for additional rides etc.

Was so much fun, educational for my kids. Learned about sheep shearing & milking. My kids loved every part you had to offer, keep up the awesome work.

Our 2.5 year old loved being able to pet the animals. The folks working there were very friendly.

It's good for little kids only.

I loved how well you kept your farm animals ,proving shade , lots of water etc.

Things that maybe change about the ride was that we could see the cow closer ,now from far

Our oldest daughter was able to attend your farm with school in previous years. Our youngest daughter didn’t due to COVID. We were extremely pleased to be able to bring both of our daughters this Canada Day. Our family truly enjoyed our visit and our girls have proclaimed this was the best Canada Day ever! Thank you for your hospitality. Shirley Park and family.

We had a great time visiting the farm and seeing all the animals. It was our second visit this year, and very hot, so we skipped the milking and shearing displays this time.

We have attended the farm several times. Each and every time is a magically experience. We absolutely love attending the farm. We really appreciate the kindness of your family and the experience you provide to us. Thank you!

Would be great to have more areas with more shade on very hot days and sprinklers going to cool off

I didn't expect so many baby animals - I WAS SOOOO PLEASED to see all that you can interact with.

We loved the facilities and your staff were helpful and friendly in every interaction we had with them. We will be back and I will be recommending this place to the Executive Director of the Daycare where I work as a potential fieldtrip for next summer!!

More signs to know if we were allowed to pet/pick up some animals would be helpful. It was pur first time and weren't quite sure what to do first or what we could do or not do.

My children absolutely loved petting all the animals!!! Cant wait to come back after covid is over and on a much cooler day!!!

Loved it very informative

This was our first time and we absolutely loved your farm and very much enjoyed the experience. We loved being able to get up close and hold/touch the animals, and really appreciated how not crowded it was. Your family/staff were all so friendly. We will definitely be back again!


I was under the impression there was a lot more to do other than walk around


I love this farm it must be our 7th year visiting. We look forward to it every summer and it never disappoints. Its unfortunate that these rules are in place and that some ppl think they need to police. You are doing an amazing job and we are so blessed to have such a great place to visit every summer. This place is a true gem of manitoba and anyone who complains are people who love being miserable. My daughter was very excited by the free booklet (when god made everything ) and we plan on reading it tonight! Keep up the good work! 10 stars out of 5! Lol!


We had a wonderful time!

All the family are lovely people and are patient explaining about the animals. Really liked being in the Quonset on such a hot day

Expectations were exceeded! Everyone we interacted with was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable.

Exceeded them I’d say

Your home/farm never disappoints. We look forward to coming every single summer. My girls will speak of your animals for days before hand, deciding which ones they will have to hold first! Then they will tell anyone and everyone for days afterwards about your amazing farm!!! I tell all my friends or anyone really about your place and encourage them to visit as it is an experience that can’t be missed! Your family offers a one of a kind visit that always has us looking forward to returning. Thank you for doing what you do and offering us one of the highlights of our summer holidays!!

We absolutely love coming here yearly

Such a great day out at the farm! Keep up the good work!

My kids want to go back everyday

Enjoyed it thoroughly

This was my second visit. I visited 2 weeks ago. I brought my 3 teenage nieces this time. They loved being able to hold and pet the animals. I love that your whole family is involved. They are knowledgeable and offer information without waiting to be asked. Thank you again for sharing your farm with us. We will be back again!

It was beyond our expectations

Your kids and family are exceptional. They are kind, polite, and extremely knowledgeable. It's so sweet to see them conversing with each other throughout the day and bringing each other water etc. Such an amazing family and we are happy to be welcomed year after year. You're a hard working family and we only see it once a year.

My family and I had an amazing time! Seeing smiles on my kids faces the entire time was so worth coming 9 months pregnant in the extreme heat. You guys are amazing. Thank you so much for the experience!

My kids enjoyed the chicks a lot. It was a fun and unique experience for them.

Loved how close we could get to the animals. The variety of animals was another high point.

My grandkids loved the kittens and puppies.

My 2 year old asks to go see the "amimals" every time we get in the car now. Lol I have to tell him they are sleeping or he won't let it go. My 12 year old is autistic and has troubles with crowds and noise, he told me it was the best time he had had in a long time.

Very friendly and approachable staff who had lots of knowledge on the animals. They helped keep things flowing and even found shaded areas for us to sit and watch them milk a goat.

We had an amazing time spent over 4.5 hours at the farm. Our kids loved being able to see and touch all the animals. Every time I ask them what the best part was they change the answer.. so needless to say it was all amazing!

We love and enjoy going to the farm! My kids love holding all the animals. After years of going, we finally got to see the milking of the goat and shearing of the sheep. The person doing it was very knowledgeable and my kids enjoyed asking questions- as did I. We enjoyed everything about it!!

Everything was wonderful

The staff were great and easy to spot. Well run and a pleasure to visit. Happy for you guys living your dream. ❤️

Loved so much hands on!

I love how this farm offers something unique, watching shearing the sheep, milking, those things are really neat for kids to observe first hand. Space is nice and wide between the barns too which was helpful allowing everyone to spread out. Thank you for your kindness, flexibility and being able to be open during these crazy times. You have made ours kids’ summer!

We have been before approx 6 years ago. My kids today had a great time and it’s something we could do with our family that’s outdoors and safe for our child

Thanks for a great day.

Education could have been better. More info about animals would have been cherry on the cake

We were impressed overall with the experience.

I thought it was great and the price was very reasonable. Thank you for opening up your farm to us.

Such a welcoming experience what a wonderful family business!

Our expectations were exceeded! Loved our visit to your lovely farm!!

This was wonderful two hours, but maybe will be wonderful to have more activities for kids like buble making something.

Love it. My kids loved being able to hold he kittens and bunnys.

Absolutely wonderful staff, relaxed atmosphere, kids of all ages got to handle any animal respectfully- nothing seemed off limits and that is refreshing for me and the kids, they didn’t have to be told ‘not’ to do something by any adult at any time :)

Loved seeing the goat being milked and the sheep getting sheared. The fella was very informative and friendly.

Yet again another great visit. The people working were so friendly and welcoming. Always happy to help with information or answering questions. Everything was well spaced out with lots of different activities to try.

Everything was wonderful!! My little guy had such a great experience and particularly loved being able to hold the kittens!

Wonderful experience! Liked that we saw some gospel tracts on a table! Loved your faith explained on your website.

Everyone was great answering questions!

A little more education about the animals on the farm and more people around to answer questions or to make sure you can actually pet the animals

It was beyond our expectations! Thank you and your family, your staff for all you do. We will be back!

We had a great time! We got all our questions answered and everyone that we talked with that lives at the farm was very friendly!

Tons of fun will do again

The barn with all the baby animals was amazing!

We will be back and I have already recommended friends attend

The animal experiences were excellent. It certainly met and exceeded our grandchildren’s expectations. We will certainly recommend your farm to others.

This was our second visit in a month and we loved every minute of it. My daughter loves the pony ride and my boys love being cuddling the kittens and bunnies and holding the chicks. We have another visit booked at the end of the month and we can't wait! Thanks again for another fun day!

Kids loved to be able to hold the animals

We came last year and loved it. Came back this year and loved it again

I loved the layout of the farm. Perfect for families!

Our family enjoyed milking the goat!!

Best farm I’ve been to. Love the hand on approach and free roaming for people.

Yeah we know some more about animals

Great experience.

I felt there wasn’t too much on education.


Love your beautiful farm. We visited another petting zoo recently and it was sad because it was dirty and the animals were scared. You can tell your animals are well cared for and love people.


We all enjoyed the visit and kids telling us to come back even where not leaving the farm yet.

It was so fun and we learned that sheep's wool has oils that are good for dry skin ☺️

Staff was always ready to answer questions and engage with my kids. Loved that.

Your staff today (July 17) were so friendly and kind! They kept things running smoothly and efficiently. They all worked well as a team and seem to enjoy being there! The staff observed guests, and if anyone looked hesitant to pick up animals the staff were there to offer support and guidance.

We enjoyed our time at your farm very much! Thank you for hosting us!

We had a wonderful time. We loved how you could interact with the animals!

Staff was always ready to answer questions and engage with my kids. Loved that.

I like when people tell us facts about the animals, but that didn’t happen this visit.

Loved the baby animals and pony ride! It's also great that you have a picnic table area and playground/sandbox, a great way to end our visit! Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, really enjoyed our visit!

Goat milking and shearing sessions were great. Kids LOVED the petting barn, particularly the bunnies, chicks and kittens!

I liked that we could just wander around and stop and spend more time in certain areas. No tours means we aren’t rushing around from one area to another. It was relaxed and we could go at our own pace. My two year old spent most of her time holding the baby bunnies and chicks and we liked that we could let her set the pace.


Exceeded expectations! I was not anticipating that level of interactive experiences with the animals. We left with new knowledge and great photos. My kids now think they are real farmers!


My children did not want to leave and can’t wait to return. The types of animals were perfect for their interests and there were plenty of them to see and experience! (They are 2, 3.5, 5 and 6.5 years old)

It was so very interesting to be able to have the education as to why you shear a sheep/milk a goat etc. My 5 year old really enjoyed it! There were tons of little stations to go in to experience the animal interaction and I think that was just exceptional. It exceeded our expectations as far as animals to see and things to do! Being able to wander at your own pace was nice as well - we went back to see/hold the chickies many times :) THANK YOU

The farm exceeded my expectations with lots of animals and activities. All of the staff were welcoming and friendly.

My kids had a great time! Your staff/ children were very patient and friendly

Everything was Great!! Everyone was super friendly and respectful. The animals are so loved! It was a fun day!


Actually, it exceeded it!!

We had a great afternoon with our granddaughter and she absolutely loved the animals and hay ride

Great atmosphere, friendly staff and wonderful animals. Our trip was cut short, but we will definitely return.

This was amazing! So many different areas to take a look at! So many animals. My girls loved it!


This was an awesome experience that my family and I will cherish forever. All of the stations were set up nicely and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

It was awesome. The whole family had a great time. Thank you.

Extraordinary friendly staff

It was our first time to the farm and very impressed. Definitely will be back next year.

Our kids (and us) had a great time learning, looking and interacting with the animals. Everyone working was very friendly and encouraging when our kids were apprehensive about something (getting on the pony). We really appreciated the time spent at your farm. Thank you!

I was actually hoping for some signs around with some fun facts about the animals that we could use as a discussion point with our children. It was cool to read that the piglets were 9 weeks old. Some more signs about animals names, or lifespan, diet, characteristics, breed, etc. I had so many questions but they couldn’t be answered on a self guided tour.

I even learned a couple things

Good information given to questions that were asked. Educational and informative for adults and children.

It would be nice if you posted something about your family/how long you have owned the farm. It is difficult to give information on animals with a working farm, but it would be nice to know about the people taking care of them.

We had a lot of fun at your family farm. Such a friendly family. Loved all the animals and activities. Thank you for sharing your farm with us. ❤️

It would have been a bit more little kid friendly if the pens weren't spaced as far out. Getting to the big barn was a little far


A bit more cover to get out of the sun.

I really enjoyed that we were allowed to pet so many of the animals. That is what brought me to your wonderful farm! My daughter is only one and I will be back every year now!

Friendly, informative and very hands on which was what we were looking for. We had a lovely family day. Nice to be able to escape the heat under the trees for our picnic lunch. Thank you for a great experience. My son loved it and said it was better than the zoo!

An informational handout about what the animals feed, provide etc. Would be nice to take home.

We had a wonderful time at your farm today. This was our first visit and it exceeded my expectations. We will definitely visit again.

We very much enjoyed the informative goat milking and sheep shearing and the young man educating us was very informative and engaging and we enjoyed learning from him.

The kids loved the kittens, bunnies and goats. They could have spend hours holding them!

All online info was accurate. For a 3 year old we took between 1.5 and 2 hours. We were very entertained. Found it to be worth the money.

Exceeded my expectations. My daughter loved it!

We loved that the hay ride now goes in a loop. It was the highlight for the kids. We also really liked the new space that was created for viewing the chicks, kittens and bunnies. The kids enjoyed the demonstrations.

Excellent afternoon. We'll organized. We'll done!

My daughter said it was "the best day of her life!" 😊

Everything was absolutely wonderful. We actually thought we were going to have to turn around as soon as we got there so to a baby melt down. After a lot of coaxing we made it into the farm. When we were packing up for the day the woman working the front gate came to see how our day was (she saw us struggling with our daughter when we arrived). That extra bit of care meant so much. We didn’t get her name but thank you so so much. We’re already looking forward to attending next year!

Wish there were more other interesting things staff can teach to the kids.

It went beyond my expectations, it was very well run! The kids got to milk the goat and saw one get sheared- nothing I would have expected! We had a blast- what a lovely family you have😊

We really enjoyed our visit


We enjoyed milking the goat and watching the sheep get sheared. The Hay Ride was fun but no one to explain some of the things we saw

This was our 1st time visiting. My daughter (age 5) absolutely loved that she could interact with all the baby animals. I'm pretty sure she held every single chick!! We will definitely be back!!

We had a great time with our 1 year old daughter and will definitely be back :)

5 star

Young gentleman who did sheep shearing and goat milking was very informative.

Too bad that we just found out this place last week. We wanted to go back but didn’t know that it will be closed on August.

Enjoyed learning about the sheep and goats

It was hard for people to figure out how to wait in line for the tractor ride. I didn’t find it confusing but many who came after were jumping the Q & confused. Phoebe did great driving the tractor!

Overall very fun day.

Everyone was very knowledgeable and helpful. Excellent learning for the kiddos.

I answered NO but to be fair, my active toddler was not overly interested in some areas.

We were so happy with our visit! There is so much to do and see and we loved it all!

It was a great experience. Your farm offers experiences that are not offered at other farms. The 3 year olds were VERY happy :)

I wasn’t sure how my toddler would react and how long we’d stay, but she loved everything and we enjoyed the farm for two hours!

All was good

So much fun….a must see if you have children.

It was so fun! The children were all very nice and friendly

Baby animals were so cute

We are overall happy with our visit and we hope to come again next summer by God's grace

Thank you! We had a fantastic time!

The adults in our group had just as much fun as the kids! What a fantastic day at the farm!

Great learning experience foe the kids.

I had only wished we could of bought grain or carrots to feed some of the animals we were petting but even without that we had a great visit at your farm!

Absolutely Amazing day we loved the family friendly atmosphere

Animal we beyond cute

Loved all the staff at the farm so friendly and took the time to teach our kids about the animals

The kids love it!! The highlight was the pony rides talked about it for hours later!

Everything was satisfactory!


I just want to say that everyone was extremely helpful and friendly. My girls and I enjoyed visiting your wonderful farm! Thank you!



We had an absolute blast. Being able to self guide was perfect. The way the chick/bunny/kitten area was set up was such a nice change. Lots of space for all the kids to hold baby chicks and bunnies. Honestly I cannot rave enough about how great today was. All the kids/family members working the farm were calm and gentle with my kids, and educated them when they asked questions, or needed some help (my daughter got a bit freaked out when a bunny wriggled out of her hands and the kind lady in the barn area was very gentle with her and showed her how to handle them carefully and pick them up properly, or when my 9yr old autistic son was freaking out about the ponies but really wanted to ride, the great young man working over there was really so nice to him, and even helped him collect a few pony nail clippings to keep). The best thing today was how at 3pm we were able to run over and milk a goat quickly before we left (the #1 thing my daughter wanted to do today). It made her day complete, and I'm so appreciative that we could squeeze that in. Thanks again for a great day! Can't wait to come back next summer.



The young man who showed our boys about the goat milking and sheep shearing was great with our two young boys. He took time to answer their questions and to also let them try milking the goat and helped him try to catch milk in his mouth (along with my husband ha ha). Lots of discussions about this on our way back home. The hayride was also great and Phoebe also was great with our son. She answered all of our questions and seemed comfortable walking with our young children. There was another young man who was in the barn with the horses and puts and chickens and goats and he also answered our sins questions. He seemed a bit unsure of the smaller kids but very understandable considering he was a younger teenager and little kids probably aren’t his area of expertise or interest!!! The young lady who helped with the pony rides was also great with our son. She made him feel safe and he was super proud of himself for being able to get on by himself. All in all, the staff was awesome today!!!

my son loved learning about all the animals

Maybe another activity would be nice.

It was so fun! The children were all very nice and friendly

Yes, but I wish there was more to do. We were only there an hour because we did everything. Was expecting a longer visit.

Very friendly, and something for everyone to enjoy. We spent 3 hours there. All my children ranging from ages 4 - 16 loved their experience. Especially the bunnies and baby chicks. 

We have come every year for more than 10 years

Really friendly people working. We felt very much welcomed.

We just loved the goat milking and the sheep shearing. Totally awesome to see.

We came back in May & my 5yo has been asking constantly to return! He was delighted & ran around taking photos of all the animals before we left so that he wouldn’t forget them

My son loved it!


We are glad that we visited your farm. It was our first time, and were not sure how our special needs son would react. He loved the pony rides and the Hay ride a lot. The girls let him sit on the pony to get comfortable and they were very accommodating. We will be back next year :)


My kids loved the farm and want to come back next year.

Would definitely come back next year

The kids had a wonderful time! All the staff was amazing! Definitely coming back!

more than what we expected

Our kids had a great time at the farm. Thank you!

My kids loved the experience of being able to see and touch farm animals up close. Enjoyed the freedom to roam and revisit areas as we wanted.


The farm is amazing! All staffs (the family members) are very welcoming and polite. Toilets are clean and organized. My son enjoyed the animal petting as well as the playground and even played with the balls. We ate our snack at the picnic table provided in the farm. We had a blast and we are looking forward visiting you guys next year!


Milk a goat and watching sheep shearing and petting the baby chickens and rabbits And we always love the pony rides

We will definitely be back!


We have come every year since my son was 1 (he is 8 now). It has become a yearly tradition of ours and both my kiddos and I look forward to it. Last year my parents and niece came and this year my brother and sister in law joined us as well. As a teacher, I like how we are able to explore the farm at our own pace and let the kiddos lead depending on interest. This year the ponies were the big hit for both my kids and your daughter was so great...she knew the kids by name by the time we left... "is this your sixth ride today Jackson?". Being able to be so hands on with the animals is also appreciated. My son is a little more reserved and takes a while to warm up to things so at other places he often misses out on things as you only have one shot so to speak. It's great at your farm that he can take his time, observe first and then come back to pick up a chick or cuddle a bunny for example.

I appreciate you opening up your farm and lives to us "city folk"! I also enjoy seeing your kiddos change and grow over the course of the year.

Huge variety of things to do, we all loved it!

We will definitely be back!

Wonderful staff! :)

Loved it

I loved the timed entry and limited entry. Felt safer and not crowded or rushed.


We love your farm and plan on making it an annual tradition. Thank you for sharing with us, I’m so thankful for this opportunity for connection to nature and the land.


Beyond expectations!!! We love going there and every minute is special. It’s and will be our go-to farm for family fun, adventure and enjoyment. From the first day we went (June ___) up to writing this feedback (August 14), several times a day, every single day, our 4 year old (foster) son loves to talk about MSF and all the animals and our fun day there. He even dreams about MSF!!! We are so happy to be able to freely hold, cuddle and pet the animals. It’s a pet-and-learn especially for my son who was so amazed at the growth of the animals. He now wants to be a farmer!!! For my husband and me, cherished memories of our summers at our grandparents farms (in the Philippines) all came back the first time we entered the farm. We went 7 or 8 times, but we couldn’t get enough of MSF. It’s a joy to be there. IT IS HOME!!!

Chuck, Danea and family, you are superhosts (AIRBNB’s term for the best hosts). 5 stars and more for you!!! THANK YOU for opening your hearts and home (the farm) to us. THANK GOD for friendly and kind family like you. May God continue to bless you as you are a blessing to us. God bless and stay safe. See you next year!!!


So pleased with toddler accessibility, variety of offerings and teachings

"I love that they take the time to show the kids how to properly hold and touch the animals. Also love that someone is always close by if we have a question."

"It was a relaxing and fun time with our children seeing the animals."

"We especially appreciated the relaxed format where we could go at our own pace and spend as long as we wanted at all the hands-on activities."

"Wildly exceeded my expectations, we had so much fun!! There was actually so many animals, and everything was within a great walking distance."

"...plenty of spots to

have a picnic lunch..."

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