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Since 2007, teachers and parents have been sending us their feedback about what the farm was like for them. 

Here is a sample of what they say.

Here is ALL the feedback from May 2024:

(our first two dates)

Was it fun?

Our 3 year old Grandson loved it

This was our second year in a row coming here, and everything about your farm was amazing. I love how hands on it is for the little ones, and the staff are so helpful and accommodating. Thank you!!!

It was an excellent couple of hours! I enjoyed it very much and learned a lot. Thank you so much for having me!

All the staff was extremely friendly and kind. Pleasure to be there!

It was a good 2 hour experience for my 3 yr old. Loved the tractor ride.

It is always such an amazing time for myself and my kids. We love all the baby animals and the freedom to hold and pet them. The staff is always so patient and helpful. Such a lovely farm!


We have been coming yearly for the past 3 years. Each year it’s just as good or even better than the last. We actually have another visit scheduled in 2 weeks since other daughter loved it!

We had the best day! Such a wonderful hands on farm and so many things to do for the kids. I love that there are such a variety of animals to hold and cuddle.

So much fun! Loved all the animals

So much fun and it was cool that we could interact with the animals. Staff were knowledgeable with questions we asked. Lots to do and explore. The experience to milk the goat was great!

As always, everything was set up great. Lots of babies to look at or snuggle.

Puppies were talked about until bedtime

It was such a great time. I always love going to the farm

Our boys 4.5 years and 20 months loooove coming to your farm and we have been coming as a family since our oldest was a baby.  It’s become part of our annual summer fun!

Thank you so much for squeezing us in today. We had the best afternoon at your farm. A lot of new faces working on the farm and they were all great. All willing to help the kids or answer all their questions.  Your farm is the best..

Was it clean?

It was extremely clean. Every animal area, right to the bathrooms. I love the touch of having actual towels to dry your hands. I'm not one for outdoor bathrooms, but I did not feel uncomfortable at all.

It was great to see the hand washing stations and I was surprised that there wasn’t more poop. LOL!

We were impressed by how clean everything was! You thought of everything right down to the last detail.

Very clean, thank you.

Love the bathrooms are so clean

They have lots of had washing stations with soap and cut up towels that get thrown into a used towel bin after one use.

Picnic shelters were clean. Bathrooms were clean. You can see the animals are loved and taken really good care of.

Again, it never seems messy, just a well run farm.

Very clean and staff were very attentive

Was it educational?

I loved how the staff were always right there offering information on each of the animals. We all learned a few new things today!

I did not know about cows preferring round walkways and that calves don’t have a scent.

All our questions were answered and enjoyed the signs that gave additional information on the history of the farm.

There was lots of workers wearing orange shirts at the different stations. They were very knowledgeable and happy to share information about the different animals and farm life.

Appreciated all the little signs everywhere

We liked the posters in the kitten area. Being able to interact with them is educational on its own

I wasn’t expecting any education I just wanted my daughter to see and pet the animals.

We saw a goat being milked and that was cool

Yes our kids were able to ask questions and our oldest was very excited he got to milk a cow!

Suggestions for improvement?

Some more interactive boards and installments for littles to read would be great. Maybe a little puzzle to solve for the 5+ kids as they walka around the farm would be a fun idea.

Sell more food 🥰fries hotdogs

Price is very reasonable. It's a great place to visit for the whole family. Maybe on the hay ride, a chance to learn about fun facts about the sheep and cows... the farmer could share fun facts.

Sell snacks/food

Maybe if you adopted me 😉

We wanted to see the ducks roaming around like the turkey was. They have a cute little waddle when they walk

We love it just the way it is and appreciate the authenticity/ freedom our kids experience here

Just for fun, we took ALL the feedback from 2021 and printed it here.

We even bolded the negative comments.

Here are some of the teacher comments from 2022.

“Especially perfect for our children with special needs!” (Island Lakes, 2022)

“We learn something new every time we come.” (vanB preschool, 2022)

"All staff at the farm were informative, friendly and very helpful." (Prairie Sunrise, 2022)

"Happy, fun-filled day." (Island Lakes, 2022)

"Loved the hand washing stations." (Principal Sparling, 2022)

"Real towels for drying, yesss!" (Guyot, 2022)

“Best farm I have had the pleasure to visit.” (Shamrock, 2022)

"Always clean and safe." (Little Steps Preschool, 2022)

"Staff were both helpful and enthusiastic!" (Princess Margaret, Gr.3+4, 2022)

“Favourite part was getting to hold the chicks.” (Ste-Anne, 2022)

"For city kids, touching animals is a rare and wonderful experience." (Princess Marg, Gr. 1/2)

"Students said it was the best day they ever had." (St. Gerard, 2022)

“A peaceful and joyful place.” (Princess Margaret, Gr. 3+4, 2022)

2019 Feedback from group tours


Excellently kept up, varied activities and safe.

Bathrooms were very clean.

We were thankful to have use of blankets to sit on at lunch time and to warm up with. It was a windy and chilly day. There were plenty of clean washrooms to use.

Bathrooms were clean and the potable water was great! It was a good system for hand washing.

Everything was fine


Lots of room for students to eat and bathrooms for them to use.

We always enjoy your facilities.

A variety of activities was great kept the kids interested. No one was bored and the kids have lots of great memories. Some of the information given was above grade level.

Very nice.

Tables in our area weren't very clean

Great proximity, washrooms very clean, kids love the water fountain!

The Family:

Friendly and knowledgeable

A good group of young people along with Mr. Farmer who were all amazingly knowledgeable and respectful of questions by our kids.

Your family was wonderful- kind and fun. Thanks!

Every member of the family was polite, informative and enthusiastic. Any questions we had were answered. We enjoyed our time!

They were able to answer all of our questions in kid friendly language

The young ladies were absolutely great with my class. They were very calm caring and recognized that many of these children have not been out of the city let alone to a farm so this was the intent to expose them to different lifestyles and communities. The gentlemen in the afternoon were very informative. Mr. Farmer had a great sense of humour when it came time to demonstrate milking the goat as well as for the children to milk the goat.

Everyone was very friendly and patient with the young students.

Very friendly and informative, and accommodating.

It was nice to see the same faces like every year and also to meet the new Baby in the family. Blessings to all of you.

Staff thought they were wonderful

Your family is always friendly and kind. We did miss seeing Mrs. Farmer but I'm sure that new baby is keeping her busy.

The children of Mr and Mrs Farmer are awesome! Great examples of leadership. The knowledge and dedication they have to the farm and ensuring visitors are taken care of is heart warming. It is a wonderful privilege to actually be watching these young people grow up with each visit to Morning Sound Farm. Thank you. Also, special thank you to Mrs. Farmer for introducing me to the newest member of the team. Congratulations!

Very helpful and very nice especially on the second day. First day teachers felt a bit lost as to what was happening due to organization.

So nice to catch up with you all for a while! Love that you guys do it all together.

As always your family was very friendly and full of knowledge

Your kids are wonderful and kind. A little girl in my class loved (the two-year-old) and walking around with her was her highlight!

The animals:

Lots of variety. It will be fun tomorrow to see if we can name the 17 different kinds that were on the farm

We loved that the children were free to interact with the animals and spend more time with their favourites etc.

The animals and their pens were clean. The animals were gentle and seemed to enjoy the children’s attention.

My class said it was wonderful to have so many baby animals to be able to hold and touch. A real plus to this farm experience was to be able to be with an touch these animals. I had stopped going on farm field trips because it was a view only.

Loved being able to pat and touch the animals.

Loved the many opportunities for hands on experience

The children loved to touch and hold all the Bay animals. Everyone was so excited and happy

We always enjoy picking up the animals. There are always so many to see.

The animals are always the highlight of the trip. I think this time, the favorite was the kittens upstairs in the barn. The children couldn't stop talking about them and the second favorite was the baby bunnies. I noticed that the kids didn't get a chance to feed the animals with bottles this year, which I missed, but of course, they were fine with it as they didn't know what they were missing.



Love those babies especially the black lamb that ran with the children


Other Comments:

Thanks for a random comment made by one of your “guides” saying that our kids were showing good listening manners. They puffed out with pride at that one!!

Thank you for the wonderful visit. We had a great day! We will be back!!!

Overall, I think it was a great experience for all of us! Other than the coolness of the day, we all really enjoyed all the baby animals and the time to socialize as a homeschool group. We liked that the tour was pretty slow and we had lots of time for lunch. That would have been more ideal on a warmer day as we were kind of freezing by the time lunch was done, but we liked that effort. Thank you for having us at your farm. We certainly appreciate all the effort you took!

Thank you for everything!

This field trip is well worth the minimum amount.

Thanks s o much for this wonderful experience! See you next year

Very enjoyable

Thank you for having us!

You more than meet our expectations every year. Your family was fantastic.

We love coming to your farm every year. Its a great experience for our students to explore, and learn about the animals. Your farm is clean, and you provide LOT'S for us to do throughout the day! Thank you again, hope to see you next spring!

This is always a highlight of the school year. We are thinking of coming out in the fall if that is a choice. Thank you for always being wonderful!

It was amazing! It's always my favourite field trip!

Plant more trees around the playground for shade.....may be an activity for kids???? Thank you for an amazing experience!!

Always look forward to coming.

My class had a great time! I thought they did very well considering how hot and windy it was. I am not planning to take another teaching term so the next time I come to take part in your farm will hopefully be with grandchildren one day. lol

Excellent field trip. Well organized! Lots of fun for the kids!

Love the hands on experiences-great for preschoolers!

Once again, our families had a great day! Thank You!!!

The kids really enjoyed interacting with the animals. Receive a little ball of wool made their day. Overall a great experience! Thank you so much and thank for putting up with our tardiness!

We had a great visit! I will be booking again in the future! Thanks so very much for having us.

Will certainly recommend your establishment to friends and colleagues. And many thanks for squeezing us in at the last minute!! Much appreciated. The kids loved everything as did the adults.



Elementary schools



(Gr. 1 teacher, Louis Riel SD)

We enjoyed every moment of our visit to your farm! It was wonderful for our students to see a family working together and children having responsibilities. It was especially great for them to see your daughter driving the tractor, as we always remind our students that girls can do anything boys can do!

(Kindergarten teacher, Garden Valley School Division)

I`ve been to your farm many, many times. But this time was over the top. It was such an amazing day. You had so many babies. You even had a foal present at the horse ride station. I know it followed it`s mom but it added excitement. The children asked wonderful well thought out questions. Thanks for your patience and wisdom in answering everyone`s questions. Thanks for your patience in allowing me to take pictures. What a glorious day. It`s great to see a family working together. Continue your great work. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Farmer!


(kindergarten teacher, River East Transcona School Division)

Thanks so much for the visit, Danea! As always, it is a very important and informative trip for us as many of our kids don’t have much/any exposure to farms, agriculture or animals. We had a great time!

(parent group organizer)

It is always a favourite activity of the year to visit your farm. We love the clean facilities and how it feels like we are the only ones there. My kids always want to come back. They love the front yard playground as well. Thank you so much!


Love that you have blankets for eating on at lunch. The kids loved all the activities. They loved learning interesting facts about all the animals and life on the farm, but they especially loved how hands on they could get with the animals! Thanks for a great day!

(Gr. 1 teacher, private school)

As always we LOVE coming to visit your farm. The kids from Grade 1 can't wait to come back next year! THANKS!


(Kindergarten teacher, River East Transcona School Division)

Despite the cold weather we had an excellent time! Your family were very patient with our kindergarteners and provided an informative and fun day! Thanks so much!


(Kindergarten teacher, private school)

What a fantastic day! My kindergarten class LOVED the farm! One thing I really appreciated was the freedom within the small barn/hayloft and pony rides; groups could flow between the two activities instead of having to travel altogether at all times. It really helped with our large group size. I definitely plan on bringing next year's kindergarten class to this farm! Thank you, Mr & Mrs Farmer!



I love that every year I learn something new. Your continuing self education is evident.



(Gr. 1-4 teacher, private school)

We thoroughly enjoyed every part of the day. Even the weather was perfect this time! May God continue to bless you all.

(Gr. 1 teacher, Borderland School Division, 2018)

We love coming to your farm because you keep things moving, you give us enough time to explore, and you let us touch sooooo much! :) The way you explain things is so well thought out. I think everyone should come to the farm when it is time for 'sensitive issue' explanations! :)

(K teacher, LRSD, 2018)

The students and all adults had a blast. Thank you again for a great day at the farm :)


(Gr. 2 teacher, Winnipeg SD, June 2017)

“We had a wonderful time, as always.  It was a very windy day but it made no difference. Loved it all- the chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, horses, kittens, bunnies…your farm has it all.”


(Kindergarten teacher, Borderland, June 2017)

“Thank you so much for a great well organized day!  It was a bit chilly and we really appreciated the extra jackets you had for our students.”


(Gr. 4 teacher, Seven Oaks, May 2017)

“One thing I struggle with as a teacher is seeing the lack of interest and experience that young people have with nature. Morning Sound Farm is a place where I can take my students to give them hands-on experience with animals; this helps me teach them respect and attachment for animals. The day is spent outdoors which helps me introduce them to playing in an open space, enjoying fresh air and seeing what lies outside the city limits. Thanks Morning Sound for another amazing trip!”


(Kindergarten teacher, Pembina Trails, June 2017)

Yesterday was absolutely amazing…what a great day these kids had. Thank you for this! So many interactive things to engage these young minds in. We loved the full day and every part of the day had something new and interesting for us. My favourite part was seeing the students with the animals feeding them, learning about them and even getting to hold them. The pony ride was definitely a hit!


(Kindergarten teacher, Winnipeg SD, June 2016)

Hello Mr. and Mrs. Farmer-I just wanted to let you know that we had the best experience today. The children were engaged from start to finish and they really enjoyed being able to move and explore all your wonderful farm had to offer. The set up is so thoughtful and really honours the students’ needs to be active as they are learning. At first I thought the group might be a little large, but it was not a factor at all once the children got to the petting areas. I would not hesitate to bring both my morning and afternoon class together again. Imagine 42 children running around, excited about all the animals and the new environment, and no behaviour management problems because there is space and animals enough for everyone. I didn’t know field trips could be so much fun!


(Gr. 4/5 teacher, May 2016)

We had so much fun! No complaints or constructive notes– I think you and your wonderful family covered it all. There was always something to do and so much to experience. Here’s what the students each liked about the day:

“The animals were super cute and you really help them out. P.S. When the bunnies were eating, it was really funny” – Yuri

“I liked the bunnies.” – Allyah

“I liked where the kittens are.” – Araek

“I like how the bunnies and chickens were in a pen” – Angelo

“I like the goats and the chicks.” – Elinor

“I like the chicks! I liked that I got to hold a goat” – Sean

“I didn’t want a cat before but now I want one.” – Rae

“I liked the cows and the goats.” – Aiden

“I like the cows and the goat getting milked. ” – Ravdeep

“I liked the goats. It had a goatee” – Jasper

“I liked the pony ride!” – Violet

“I liked feeding the chickens.” – Jordan

“I liked everything!” – Ethan


(family centre coordinator, May 2016)

I [wanted] to email you to thank you for the amazing day we all had! The families raved on social media about the great time they had! We will be back next spring for sure and I’m thinking with a bigger group! Thanks again and have a wonderful summer! I may even try to get my family out there too! My kids would LOVE it!


(K teacher, May 2016)

I was very impressed with your farm and everything you have to offer there! Despite the cold (and rain), the kids had a very good time. I would come back in a heart beat! J


(K teacher, after taking her first-ever farm field trips to two different farms in one week)

I greatly appreciate the way that you have your farm set-up. Lots of interaction with the animals for the children and almost a montessori-style approach. It’s evident that spirit and love of the animals flows through you and the farm to the children that visit. I love your philosophy and it alleviates discipline issues due to not having to wait too long to see or touch the animals. Having a playground right there is handy as well for after lunch. I do not think there is anything that you can improve upon.

Just wondering if there is a sheltered area for eating lunch in case of rain? [yes, there is]

I will highly recommend this farm to other teachers after experiencing another farm. I would book with you again.


(Gr. 1 teacher, June 2015)

Thank you for the wonderful day! We had just the most fantastic time. We really appreciate how everything runs so smoothly and everyone knows what to do and is very well-informed about the farm. We’ll be back next year!


(kindergarten teacher, June 2015)

We had so much fun today! All of our parent volunteers and staff raved about how organized and informative your program was. When can we book our tour for next year? We can’t wait to come back.


(teacher, June 2015)

The Mr. and Mrs. Farmer tours were excellent. Both Nursery and Grade 5 students were impressed. The parents thought the program and all the options to interact with the farm animals were fantastic. I will recommend you to others and will definitely be back next year. When can I book for 2016? You and your family are awesome!


(special language classroom teacher, June 2015)

We had a wonderful time! A well organized field trip, lots of variety, hands on activities, good pace. We love our visits to Morning Sound Farm and we keep coming back!


(N/K teacher, May 2015)

Hello Danea, Chuck and wonderful family– THANK YOU ALL  for the fabulous day! It was the best trip yet! Everyone loved it and you folks are so knowledgeable and patient and just all around great hosts!   It will be a joyful, lasting memory for these inner-city kids for a very long time.


(teacher, May 2015)

Thank-you for a great field trip to your farm on Friday! From the smiling face welcoming us and giving us directions where to park, to the individual members of your family at each station throughout the day, we really loved it all! The hands on effect was appreciated– thank-you for letting us touch all your kittens, puppies and baby chicks! I will certainly recommend your farm program to others.


(Gr. 1 teacher, May 2015)

Thank-you! We had a great time despite the weather- we really appreciated that there were so many indoor activities available!


(teacher, May 2015)

Our classrooms had a great time. Kids that do not smile often, we saw them having a great time, laughing and smiling. A lot of them were still talking about the farm today and all the animals. All of us thought you have such a nice welcoming family. We would love to come back again next year. We thought you did a great job explaining farm life to the kids and your setup there is very accessible and educational. I am hoping to bring my family in July on a Saturday to see the animals. Thanks again!


(K teacher, May 2015)

I would like to thank you so much for showing us your farm. The Kindergarten students had so much fun getting to pet and hold all of the animals. The day was very well organized and planned out which was very much appreciated. The only suggestion I would have is for a specific schedule to be given to us in the morning for the order we would be doing the activities. Otherwise everything was great! There were always activities for the students to do and no one was ever bored. The students talked about their day all the way home. [we have since made sure to explain the order of events for the day before we get started]


(parent with school group, May 2015)

Thank you for welcoming us to your home today. I cannot get over how well it is set up, how friendly your family is and how much we got to see. Everything was a highlight. I can tell you have thought of all the smallest details that made the day run smoothly and keep the kids happy. Thank you so very much! Can’t wait to visit again.


(Teacher visiting for the first time with her Kindergarten class, June 2014)

It really was a pleasure to visit your farm. I liked that your family was present – it shows our kids that this is a way of life. Also, the stations were very well organized. Having the students be able to handle the animals is fantastic. Playtime after lunch was just the right amount of time… Lunch and toilet facilities are very satisfactory as well. Please have me on your list for next year. I will be back for sure!


(teacher, attended with Gr. K-3)

We had a great time!  I appreciate that it is well organized and the kids

are kept busy all day.  Many of the kids had been before but that didn’t seem to bother them.  They still learned a lot and the sheep fleece was very precious to the kindergartens.  One girl got up during the night because she forgot to take it out of her pocket and was concerned that her mom would throw it out!  We all had a wonderful time and I must say it is one of the most relaxed field trips as a teacher!


(Gr. 1 teacher)

We had such a wonderful day with you. I really can’t think of anything to change! Your kids were amazing, both [my colleague] and I thought you and your husband did a fantastic job teaching the kids about the animals and the washroom facilities were great! The timing of the stations worked well and we didn’t feel rushed at all—enough time to take everything in. The kids were so excited to talk about their favourite parts of the day and there were many different aspects they enjoyed which shows how well rounded your program is!


(teacher, Gr. 1-4)

We really, really enjoyed our visit.  It’s hard to say what the children enjoyed most because they enjoyed all of it.  They did really love being able to take a little piece of the sheep’s wool home with them, that was definitely popular!  The pony ride and hay ride were great as was being able to try to milk the goat if they wanted. They also liked being able to pick up the chicks as well as the kittens and bunnies, etc.

You time everything VERY well – at no time did we ever feel we were being rushed from one station to the next (which would make the kids frustrated!).  It is very well organized and there is such a friendly feeling from everyone there. I will continue to recommend your farm to other teachers at other schools as the best I’ve been to!


(kindergarten teacher)

We had a FANTASTIC  time. Both the grade one teacher and myself agree that it was an all–around great venue to bring our classes. She had not been to your farm before and definitely would like to come back. Some of the kids said they would “like to live there!”.  We appreciated the variety of activities/animals, good organization, hands on focus, and large spaces for the children to explore.


(nursery teacher, Winnipeg School Division, 2018)

Uv nailed a farm experience for students of all ages! We will gladly travel the extra distance to visit u again next year:)
Thank u for sharing ur farm with us!

(N/K teacher, Winnipeg School Division, 2018)

Thanks again for a wonderful visit. Warm weather, cool weather or even rainy, it's always the field trip highlight of the year. The question is always raised "When can we go again?"

(N/K teacher, WSD1, 2018)

We always love coming to your farm. Your family and children are very welcoming and accommodating. It's nice to see the children grow up. I'm always amazed at how respectful and helpful they are! My children always love the fact that all the animals are hands-on experiences!

(Preschool director, 2018)

We really enjoyed your children running the different areas of the farm.  Very friendly and knowledgeable.

(N/K teacher, Winnipeg School Division)

Thanks so much.  It's wonderful that inner city kids and newcomers can experience the farm in such a hands on and respectful way!

(N/K teacher, Winnipeg School Division)

Thank you for all of your hard work and for making our day really enjoyable!

(N/K teacher, Winnipeg SD)

We really enjoyed it all and most of all the hands on activities for student's learning. As well, all staff were kind and friendly with us all.


(N/K teacher, Winnipeg SD, May 2017)

Thanks so much for a very enjoyable visit! I can’t think of anything that would improve such a perfect experience.


(N/K teacher, Winnipeg SD, May 2017)

I just wanted to touch base with you about yesterday’s field trip. We had an unbelievable time. Your family was very patient with our nursery and kindergarten children. The hands on experience, relaxed atmosphere and wonderful people made for an unforgettable day. We will definitely be back next year.  Thanks again for hosting our large group.


(preschool teacher, June 2017)

We had such a great day yesterday…one of the best so far.  Beautiful weather, lots of hands on experiences and a whole group of happy kiddos!  As for feedback? Many of my kids were overheard saying “This is the best day ever” so I think that about sums it up!


(preschool director, May 2015)

We will be back again next year as all our parents are in agreement that your farm and the way you run the tours are hands down the best farm tour we have been to! So thank you so much for being so hands on, informative and welcoming!


(nursery teacher)

The parents (and children!) really enjoyed the hands–on experience with the baby chicks, the bunnies, and the animals . It was really nice to be able to go in the pens with the animals and have a few things going at the same time which reduced the waiting time for the children. Please put us on the reminder list for next spring. Your children were also a pleasure!


(preschool director)

We really enjoyed our visit to the farm on May 30. I did not hear any negative comments from anyone, just lots of “it was great!” One of our

parents is a teacher who has been on several farm visits and said Morning Sound is the best. We like the mix of hands on and educational

talk. Most of the educational lecture part was at a good level for preschoolers. Mrs. have a very good way of talking with the

children. The instructions given to the group I was with were good and making parents know they have a role in supervision was appreciated.  Indoor plumbing; smooth schedule; lots of animals..all good. Keep up the good work and please remind us to book for next year!


(nursery teacher)

The comments I heard at the farm were:

“I want to move here.”

“It is great the way they let the kids get involved and go everywhere” (a parent was telling a little person not to go somewhere and a “farmer” had told them it was fine they can go there. The parent was impressed)

“I am having a great time” (teacher from another school who took the day off to attend with their child)

“It is so great the little ones get to do this”


(high school nursery program educator)

The little ones love holding the chicks (and I have heard other farms do not do this so that is a great opportunity), they love the ponies, and being in with the animals. The day is an amazing success and one of the major highlights of the Nursery school year. I am grateful for all you do and it is a wonderful learning experience for the preschoolers, teenagers and the parents.


Family Days and parent tours



I had a great time with my family and will be back next year. Thank you for this opportunity!


We love the freedom to touch and explore, and to ask lots of questions! As a homeschool mom I love the 'teaching sections' where there is more structure and information being passed on to the kids.



We had a great time at the farm today, memories were made for our little ones. Glad we got an inside look at the farm life. We will be back!



Thank you so much - this is a favorite outing for our family.


(parent, open house tour)

We had a great day! Our almost 3 year old especially loved the pony ride, seeing the cows and petting the goats and chicks. The indoor picnic area was appreciated on such a windy day. Having the chance to play at the playground was a good start to the day and a nice break after lunch. Thank you!


(parent, open house tour)

We had a great day and will return. Well run with great facilities and set up. Thank You!


(parent, open house tour)

You guys are always soo welcoming and we have such a great time every year!

(parent, open house tour)

We didn't make it to every station so can't comment on everything. My kids most memorable moment was the sheep shearing, and then feeding the goat in the big petting barn, and the sandbox. The bathrooms were great! Exceeded expectations.



I enjoyed all the talks. We'll be making the trip again next spring for the baby animals.

(parent, also Kindergarten teacher, July 2015)

“We’re coming to a Family Day– [my son] wrote a bucket list for summer at school and your farm was in the top 1 out of 50!”


(July 27, 2014)

Yesterday my family and I spent an absolutely wonderful day at your farm! The visit to your farm was an inspiring mix of fun, recreation and education. All nine of my family members, ranging from ages two to sixty-six, thoroughly enjoyed the farm. The visit was so special because you allow your visitors to move at their own pace. I really appreciated this because it not only kept the visit relaxed but also allowed the children (and adults, too) to visit their favourite animals more than once. Furthermore, the children were thrilled to have more than one pony ride and more than one hayride. After our visit I thought about all of the things that my two-year-old son got to experience for the first time. I then realized that even I, at the age of forty-one, had also experienced a lot for the first time. It was the first time that I milked a goat, watched sheep shearing, bottle fed a calf and spent time with an eight-week-old pony. We all felt so welcome at Morning Sound Farm and we can’t wait to visit again next year. Thank you so much for such a special day!   


(July 26, 2014)

I just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I enjoyed our visit to your farm today. It was our first time at Morning Sound, my daughter who is 3 years old thought every part of the farm amazing, my 7 month old daughter also enjoyed every minute of her journey seeing most of the animals for the first time. [Y]our son, wearing overalls, saw us with the kittens and bunnies and was so kind, helpful, and thoughtful with showing us how to hold the bunnies and information about one of the kittens and how it might to easier on me because of my allergies to bunnies and cats to head to the other barn where there is more open space and no kitten. We had so much fun and felt very welcome. We will be back next year with more family and friends! Thank you for bring such joy to our family today.  


 (July 19, 2014)

Hi there! We had a perfect day visiting your farm today. The kids had a blast with the chicks, the rabbits and all the other animals. You are doing a great job introducing town children to country/farm living! Our kids said that they also want to live on a farm. Well, maybe one day!

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(daycare director, first visit, July 2018)

I was not on the field trip, but the children and staff could not stop talking about how great it was. We will definitely be back next year!! Thank you so much!!

(home daycare provider, July 2018)

Visit was awesome. I have kids that are all very different and have different interests. There was something exciting for each of them.


(child care director, July 2018)

Loved the great new home for the chickens, always lots of space and blankets for picnics, children loved the dog and the washrooms were super clean!  Always a great time, thank you for having us! You're always willing to answer any and every wild question the children have.


(preschool child care director, July 2018)

Thank you so much. We really appreciated how you catered to our age group and the size of our group. We really didn't want to leave! It was so enjoyable for everyone, including our staff! We cannot wait to come back! Thanks again you guys!


(parent group organizer, July 2018)

We loved that you added some new components this year (swallows & grain bin demo). Our group loves coming and we look forward to coming again next year for our 6th? 7th? year in a row.


(day camp director, July 2018)

Our children had an amazing time. They love your farm and how laid back you are with letting them interact with the animals. As I mentioned when we were there we had taken the camp to another farm as a change last year and all the children begged us to please come back to your farm this year and not go back to the other place. So keep up the great work you are doing, the children love coming. Our staff even asked if they could come back as a staff trip without the campers.


(summer program leader for new Canadians, July 2018)

Your whole family was so great with our group! Your farm is incredible and everyone had a really great time. There were many firsts for many of our kids and you provided them with a safe, fun and educational experience. Thank you so much for having us!


(day camp director, July 2018)

Everyone was very friendly and welcoming. There was a variety of things to do and see, which was great. All of the kids enjoyed their visit and had a blast.  Thank you for having us, we enjoyed our visit. We have been on many excursions, but this has by far been the best experience yet.


(child care centre director, July 2015)

Our centre was on a tour at your farm on Friday. As always, the children had a great time meeting and petting the animals and getting a tour of your beautiful farm. Thank you for making the experience wonderful and for welcoming our children to your farm!   


(program coordinator, July 2015)  

Thanks again, your children were so professional and everything was wonderful. We had a blast and can’t wait to come back next year    


(Jacqueline Poersch-Burns– St.Amant-River Road Child Care, July 2013)

Upon the daycare’s return I heard nothing but positive comments from staff as well as from children.

  1. Facility was clean and functional, easy to move about
  2. Farm staff took their time to explain to children what the area they were in was all about.
  3. Staff said they did not feel rushed as they moved from area to area.
  4. Explanations were at child’s age level.
  5. Activities and handling of small animals was at child’s age level.
  6. Farm staff kept children excited about the farm events.
  7. Area where they had lunch was well thought out.

St. Amant-River Road Child Care was very satisfied with the field trip to your farm and will most likely book again next year.



(pre-school and school age child care centre, July 2013)

We also really enjoy your farm.  It is such a relaxed atmosphere and the children really enjoy the hands on approach.  We really
like that there are flushed toilets, it really makes it easier with the little ones especially.  Many of our children never get to
have an experience like they do at the farm.         


(school age child care centre, July 2013)

The children returned saying that was the “most awesomest” farm ever!  They declared it was way better than the last farm they visited! I asked them what made it so awesome… they said…

  • there was so much to do
  • they didn’t have to wait for a long time
  • they got to hold kittens
  • there was time to have fun (the children were not rushed)
  • they really liked the hands on activities like milking the goat and getting sheep wool

Staff appreciated the contact and the friendly atmosphere.  Staff were also relieved to have water breaks.

The children asked if they go again.  So…we’ll see you next summer.

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