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New Format for 2022

We are offering a farm field trip that is more flexible for you and for us.

What stays the same:

We offer a unique experience on a working farm (that produces food for our family) where students can pick up, hold or touch all of the animals, as well as hear from the farmers who care for the animals every day.

What will change:

Your class will divide into small groups that will guide themselves around the farm activities.

Each teacher will set their own schedule for the day and receive instructions ahead of the visit.

Why the changes?

We had several nursery schools and school-aged daycare groups that came in 2020 and 2021 with great reviews.  They split up into small groups of 5-8 students with a supervisor and made their way around the farm to each of about 25 stations.  They had a designated lunch area, but could decide on their own schedule for seeing the animals, lunch, bathrooms, breaks, playground time and leave time.  Each teacher or childcare director that visited preferred the new model to the previous way we've always done the farm tour.


We will be offering significant guidance before the field trip, along with advance material to prep your students and volunteers to get the most out of your farm adventure.  We will provide detailed maps and explanations to ensure that no activities get missed. 

All of your favourite activities will still be here, including pony rides, hayrides, sheep shearing, goat milking, chicken and egg lessons, and all the baby animals.  There will be staff giving instruction, telling stories and supervising all the animal handling stations.  Groups will need to provide at least one supervising adult for each small group of students.


We are confident that teachers will prefer the more open-ended timing and the way things are more spaced out.

Other Changes

This season, the cost will be $10 per person for students and parents,

and school staff will be free.  This price includes GST.

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Pet the baby goats

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See the pig pen


Pet and feed horses

The Stations

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Hold or touch baby bunnies

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Take a pony ride

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See a sheep sheared

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Hold a tiny chick


Milk a goat


Take a hayride


See little calves


Cuddle with kittens


See the sheep in the pasture


Play at the playground


Feed the chickens

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Watch the nanny goats


Find out about farm eggs


Walk through the cattle chute


See the piglets

Activity Guarantee

These are our guaranteed activities (above).

We expect to also offer a donkey, a turkey, ducklings, a sow with piglets,

horse grooming, farm history tour and (hopefully) puppies. 

However, depending on due dates and unexpected circumstances,

we can't guarantee that each group will see these extra options.

Time and Space

We have increased the number of animals and the number of staff to ensure that there will be minimal waiting for the students.

There will be at least 5 chick stations and 3 baby goat stations.

Favourite activities can be enjoyed again and again as time allows.

All stations with animals that can be picked up will be staffed to help children succeed.

A few stations will be on a rotational schedule, so details to help plan your visit will be provided in the teacher package.

The Teacher Package

All teachers that have booked a field trip date will receive a package of materials at least 6 weeks ahead of their visit.


The package will include: a detailed map, recommendations for setting up your group schedule, instructions for group leaders, pointers on helping kids to observe and ask good questions and a bunch of learning resources.

Have more questions?
Call or email Danea or


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teacher pkg
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