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So Much From So Little

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Farmer

Hi what are doing today! I hope you have a grayt day today. I think the animls are doing Grayt. We will go there again on July ten and on July 24th see you back soon

From Nico

Dear Mr. Farmer

Did you have Fun when we were there? I learned that the Farm was just for cows befor. I had lots of fun.

Love, Johnny

Dear Mr. and Mrs. farmer

I liked the baby kittens. Did you have fun when I was there? I like to hold the baby rabbits. I liked the hayride. I liked it when I got to play the milking game. I like it when I got to give milk to the baby calf.

Love, Jordon

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Farmer,

Haow are you. I like your Farm. Mr. and Mrs. Farmer you have a grat Farm and you have some net animals on your Farm and you are the Bast Farmers in The hole Wyd World.

Love, Grady

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