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Babies and Blizzards

Yes, April is the time for kids to arrive. But April isn't supposed to be like this.

Thankfully, the kids started arriving before the blizzard and we had time to get them dry and settled in the barn.

But they keep coming, so we scoop them up to dry off inside and get warm before they head back to mama.

One doe had triplets (her name is One-Teat-Wonder, so that will give you the hint that triplets wasn't going to work for her) at the same time as another one (Fern) had a single. Our goat guru quickly swapped and slopped one of the triplets with afterbirth from Fern and fooled her thoroughly. Now everyone has 'twins'. At least the six who have kidded so far.

Puppies are two weeks old now. They will be ready for homes at the end of May. I'll introduce them properly soon. Just make sure you book a visit before the end of May if you want to snuggle them.

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