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Planning the North Side of the Mural

With the beautiful East Side nearing completion, we’ve been using these winter months to plan for the North Side, which is twice(!) the surface area. The summer scene will be set around 1950 on a mixed farm in haying season. As usual on the prairies, a thunderstorm is approaching to threaten the hay. Details on this side will be drawn from the Goertzen family homestead (left) at that time.

Danea was born on this dairy farm, near Landmark, which the Goertzen grandparents built from scratch when they arrived from Ukraine in the late 1920s. The land was bought sight unseen and promptly proclaimed to be a "swamp". They raised their 10 children here, as well as many cows, horses, pigs, chickens, hay and grain. In 1950, Danea's dad was a three year old who was riding his tricycle to see the threshing crew out in the field beyond the trees.

As with the East side, the North will need some surface work before we get started, but now we know it is doable and we are very excited about how it will turn out.

This is the side visible from our house 365 days of the year. It will be like getting a new neighbour! Can't wait.

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