Dear Mr. and Mrs. Farmer

Here is a sample out of a package of letters we received today from some of our visitors (these were all written on an umbrella shape, as will become abundantly clear):

"Dear Mrs. and Mr. Farmer and helpers, I like your cute and cudley bunnys, your soft chicks and the pink pig. I liked feeding the baby calf. I liked the pony ride. The mother had a baby foal. I liked the trip. Oh and the umbrella paper is because it rained! Remember? Love a friend from grade one, Catrina"

"Dear Mr. and Mrs. Famer and your help, I Loved your black horse, I Loved your baby chicks, I Loved your qut puppies, I Loved your qut bunies. Love, Jacob We are riting on thees Raining papers because when we went there it was Raining."

"Dear Mr. and Mrs Farmer and helpers, it was a fun feeld chrip. I liked your cudily bunnys. I liked melking your goat. I am wraeding on undrella paper because it was raneing when I came to your farm. I liked your black horse. I liked all of the animals. The bunny that I was holding ceped snifing me. I liked the bunnys the most. love Brooklyn"

#letters #rain #cutestuff

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