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Celebrating Mr. Farmer

Today’s the day to celebrate the man who runs this place! Chuck, aka Mr. Farmer.

What are some of our favorite things about working and living with this incredible man?

In no particular order:

  1. He wears his work clothes until they NEED washing, and then washes them himself.

  2. He changes out of said dirty clothes in the basement before dinner.

  3. He considers the “hard thing” to be the “better thing”.

  4. He prioritizes family time in the evening.

  5. He does not leave his things lying around, inside or outside.

  6. He makes smart jokes, sometimes so smart we can’t understand them.

  7. He puts in many hours of extra work to make sure we get away once in a while.

  8. He insisted we buy this place, even though Mrs. Farmer wanted nothing to do with a junky, rundown empty feedlot with a terrible house.

  9. He is willing to hold a goat’s teat for 1000’s and 1000’s of people to squeeze each year.

  10. He learned everything needed to build, renovate and finish our house, inside and out.

  11. He insists on paying everyone well, whether they are our kids or not.

  12. He never throws out an idle compliment.

  13. He’s willing to do all the ER visits.

  14. Did you miss the 2015 season? He learned to play fiddle and did it every day to make the turkey gobble for the kids.

  15. Also in 2015--- Someone sent us a sheep that hadn’t been sheared for 7 years and he sheared it for a crowd on a 30+ degree day.

  16. He’s just as comfortable behind the pulpit as he is: underneath a baler, holding a newborn, teaching math, dressing up for a ball or visiting a lawyer. He is not intimidated by anything.

  17. He loves God and his family and considers nothing too much or too hard to serve them.

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