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Wrapping Up the 2021 Season

Well, that’s a wrap, folks! August 2nd was our last day and we are now closed until next May. We want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of our visitors this season. It has been sweet.

Some thoughts from 2021:

~One of our highlights was the perfect timing of the puppy’s arrival-- the day before we opened, so that every visitor in May, June and the first half of July got to see puppies! (Sorry to everyone who came the last two weeks- I know the new litters of bunnies couldn’t quite make up for no puppies.)

~We were also thrilled with how things worked out with public health. After a challenging start, we ended up with a big ‘go-ahead’ and things were very smooth ever after.

~Our hayride driver gave exactly 704 hayrides. Our ponies each gave about 100 rides a day for the days they worked. The guys sheared an average of 1.5 sheep each day.

~We liked the ticketing process, the timed arrivals and the overall capacity limits (for the most part), so we are thinking of keeping some of that in place for next year. I think mostly our guests liked it, too, since it made for a spacious farm visit.

~It was a real privilege to have 11 dates with only our immediate family serving our guests. Once kids start moving out, you never know if you will ever be able to hire them back again ;) so thanks for coming back to work, you guys! No one knows how to work with people and animals like someone who grew up here.

We appreciated all the support from families this year. When there were no school field trips two years in a row, it was hard to imagine pulling through, so coming out the other side with a successful year is such a blessing. See you in 2022, everyone!

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