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Farm Kids- Livin' the Dream?

Ask any farm kid, growing up on a farm feels like a mixed blessing. There are lots of animals, fresh air and places to play in your life, but there is also a lot of work, dirt and feeling farther away from everything.

On one hand, you grow up faster because you learn hard things about real life and death and responsibility. On the other hand, you could grow up slower because of some distance from influences, more connection with family and good, old-fashioned outdoor play.

If you're really lucky, you get to have two stay at home parents like I did, although it takes a while to realize the value in that.

You might end up healthier because of all the outdoor work, good food you raised together and an excellent microbiome in the gut from all the dirt :)

No lifestyle is the answer to everything, it's only a tool. Some farm kids have been overworked, stressed out and miserable.

Every kind of life requires choices, hard work and the grace of God to bring about the best outcome possible.

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