Why are we only open in May, June and July?

There’s a certain momentum every summer that begs the question-- why would you close for August?? People would still keep coming. They would also come in fall, maybe to pick pumpkins or do a corn maze. Why not stay open and keep doing business?

In the beginning, it was easy. There were a certain number of schools and daycares, and we could fit them into May, June and July.

Then Family Days grew into our main thing in July, and these last two years, Family Days were our only thing. If we want our business to thrive, shouldn’t we consider hosting as many visitors as will come?

Our life is not exactly what you see when you visit. Yes, these are our animals and this is where we care for them. But our life is not intended to be as farm tour guides. We are farmers. That means planting and harvesting, canning and freezing, butchering and smoking, making hay and bringing it home,