You get to milk a goat, we get to...

What does it take to give every visitor a chance to milk a goat?

The goat that will be milked for demonstration has to be easy-going and have good milk production. She has to be only partially milked a dozen times a day- not the norm for a dairy animal. She gets rewarded by grain treats at every milking.

First Mr. Farmer milks her a couple of squirts in the pail, then does a few long shots at the toes of the front row to please the crowd. After he answers questions, he uses his fingers to bring milk down from the udder into the teat. He holds that milk in position while kids and parents squeeze the milk into the pail. This adds up to hundreds of squeezes each day.

Right now, we have several good goats that are interchangeable for this job. It is very important that none of her kids get loose and come over to empty her milk out during the day- if that happens, we’d need to get a different goat for the rest of the day!

Goats are very hard to keep fenced in, and we have lost co